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Large Tissue Paper Flowers

There's nothing nicer than flowers on Valentine's Day, but it's too sad to say goodbye to freshly cut flowers by the end of February. Here's a way to keep your Valentine basking in blooms for weeks and months to come. Try these large tissue paper flowers in bright colored poppies and peonies for Valentine's Day gift giving and decor. 

This quick and easy project makes a huge visual impact. Try an arrangement or two on your mantel. Create a mobile in the dining room or bring a dozen to the classroom for a poppy and peony garland around the classroom threshold to welcome little Valentines on February 14th.

Here's what you need to make large tissue paper flowers:

  • Red and pink tissue paper (approx 10 sheets per flower)
  • Black and yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • 1" diameter round paper punch for stamen (optional as these can be hand cut if needed)
  • Floral wire (can use green pipe cleaners to secure the flower and use as the stem if needed)
  • Glue stick, Elmers or hot glue to secure stamen to flower

Here's what you need to do to make large tissue paper flowers:

Start by firing up your glue gun.

Then accordion style fold lengthwise your stack of 10 sheets of tissue paper until completely folded.

Use your scissors to cut each side of your tissue fold into points. Round it out or cut zigzag too for effect.

Find the center of your tissue stack and wrap the floral wire around securely, but not too tight so that you can't pull the layers of tissue apart from one another when you're ready to poof out your poppy or peony.

Be sure to leave enough floral wire to serve as a stem for your vase or display hanging.

Now begin to gently pull the layers of tissue up and apart from one another until fully poofed out.

Glue your stamen - black for red poppy, yellow for pink peony - onto your flowers

Et voila! Enjoy your tissue paper flowers for the season as you anticipate new blooms this spring.

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