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DIY No Sew Body Pillow from Flannel Pants

We've got spirit, yes we do! We're fired up for the new year and all the organization that comes with it. Since I'm still in closet organization mode and am feeling decent about my progress, I took some time for a couple of easy sewing projects. Of course, as the items come clean from the closet some of them are finding their way to my craft bins so I'm not sure what the net result will be. I'm at least even, if not ahead!

Here's a quick way to refresh flannel pants into a cozy flannel pillow in 10 minutes flannel pants into a new flannel pillow in 10 minutes. This is a perfect easy sewing project for kids learning to use a sewing machine and they'll love to see the transformation from clothing to cozy pillow.

I used a pair of dad's old, holey flannel pants, or cozy pants as we lovingly call them around here, and whipped up a fan favorite for young master to use as a reading pillow around the house or on his bed. I love the idea of taking a team spirit item and re-purposing it into something fun for the home. Flannel spirit pants aren't the only foundation for this project either.

Turn a sweatshirt, t-shirt or skirt into a pillow or cinch sack. Turn socks into mittens, neck warmer or funky scarf after a heavy washing. Or start with the flannel pants into a new flannel pillow to get your creative spirit fired up!

Here's what you need for your team spirit makeover: flannel pants into a cozy flannel pillow in 10 minutes:

  • 1 pair of Mens size large (or larger. The medium size might be too small for the diameter or this 8"x30" pillow) old drawstring flannel pants featuring your favorite team
  • 8"x30" bolster pillow
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Here's how you'll create your team spirit makeover: flannel pants into a cozy flannel pillow in 10 minutes: Start by laying out your flannel pants and placing your pillow on top of one of the legs with one end of the pillow near the top drawstring. Now cut the leg lenghtwise through the upper leg and straight through the crotch seam, BUT not through the drawstring and waistband. You're going to cut beneath the waistband as you'll use this to cinch closed your pillow case so you can clean it if you like. Now turn the pants inside out and sew the foot hole closed. Move your needle and now sew the upper leg, right sides together, closed and run your needle along the base of the waistband to close that hole. You'll stuff the excess waistband into the opening and cinch it closed for a clean look. Turn your pants pillow case right side out and slide (or stuff!) your pillow inside. Pull the drawstring tight and tie it closed with a double knotted bow. Trim the drawstring with scissors if necessary and sew the ends clean or tie in a single knot to prevent fraying. Go team go! Team Spirit Makeover: Flannel Pants into a Cozy Flannel Pillow in 10 Minutes
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