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I'm not sure I can pick a favorite season, but if pressed, I'd go with fall. I love everything about it! The weather that's cold and crisp, yet sunny, the clothes (I'm a scarf hound), the food (I'm also a slow cooker hound), even the waterfall of pumpkins that have shown up at our local grocery store. Those pumpkins and their irresistible little gourd cousins got my crafting juices going. On my last grocery visit I picked up a few and vowed to turn them into some seasonal decor. In no time (15 minutes), I had a trio of sweet little tea light holders for the sideboard and dining room table. We lit them that night for dinner and had our little goblins impressed. Satisfaction! Here's how to make gourd tea light holders: festive fall decor in 15 minutes.

Here's what you'll need:

  • newspaper
  • protective eye wear
  • gloves
  • drill
  • spade bit the same diameter as your tea light (or as close as you can get. you can easily take a small chisel and hammer or your blade to the gourd too)
  • gourds
  • sharpie pen
  • tea lights
  • small, narrow saw or X-acto knife (optional for finish work)

        Here's what you'll do: - Gather your tools and supplies - Lay down your newspaper and get your tools at hand so you can economize on time and blast through your gourds. - Insert the spade bit into your drill - Don your protective eye wear - Grab a gourd and tea light and mark with your sharpie or eyeball the location for your hole. With chisel and/or blade slice off the stem, if applicable - Now take your drill and insert the pointy end of the bit into the center of the gourd and apply a little pressure. Gently begin drilling to get a sense of the firmness of the gourd and whether it's going to try to spin on you as you drill. If so, move the gourd to the floor, secure between your feet (wear sneakers or rugged shoes) to stabilize, then drill. - Drill as much as you can and if you don't get as far through as you want use your chisel and hammer or blade to clean up the edges. - Test your hole by placing a tea light in the top. - Once you have your hole completed, scoop out any seeds and pulp from your gourd or pumpkin and follow the tips below to finish. - Enjoy your gorgeous new gourd candle holders!

gourd tea light holders in 15 minutes natural maker mom at satsuma designs From your mother: Remember to always wear protective eye wear when using tools. Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Tips: Sprinkle a tablespoon of rice in the bottom of your gourd to absorb moisture. Place gourds in a 250 degree oven for 15 or 20 minutes to help dry up moisture. Place gourds on a tray to protect any wooden surfaces from residual moisture. Consider drilling a few holes into a large gourd for a stunning centerpiece. Use full size tapers or short and wide candles instead of tea lights.   Gourd candle holders from natural maker mom at Satsuma Designs


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