DIY Felt Candy Cane Critters

How about gifting a litter of these felt candy cane critters to the classroom or neighbors this holiday?

With just a few supplies you can make fast work of these sweet little ornamental gifts that double on a pencil when the holidays are behind us.

Let the kids use their imaginations to create their own newfangled animals or try these classic animals: mouse, cat, lemur (has a striped tail!), puppy, beaver (add a brown flat oval tail) and more.

What other animals can you try?

diy candy cane critters

Here's what you'll need to make your own felt candy cane critters

  • Scrap felt
  • Scissors and/or pinking shears
  • Glue gun/glue
  • Embroidery floss/needle
  • Candy canes or stick candy

Here's how to make your own felt candy cane critters

Start by setting up your glue gun and craft station. If the kids are working with you, best to put down an art and craft mat and have them don their Satsuma art smocks.

Ask them to do this prep work to get them in the spirit. Also, have a few candy canes on hand to nibble before the critters get their mitts on them!

Now begin cutting your animal body and ear shapes including details for ears, spots, stripes and any other embellishment you like.

Glue ears together and set aside to dry.

Now thread your embroidery needle and sew eyes, mouth and nose to each of your critters.

Cut two small slits for the ears and candy cane tail.

Insert ears into the slits and add your candy cane tail.

You're done!

Make a family of friends to decorate the tree or delight two-legged friends this holiday.

Did you create your own litter? Share it with us below or at Satsuma's Facebook page. Thank you! diy candy cane critters


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