Bicycle Flair Crafting | Fourth of July Activities Seattle – Satsuma Designs

Bicycle Flair Crafting | July 1st at Satsuma Kids Shop

$ 10.00

Bicycle Flair Crafting

Is your bicycle tricked out to celebrate the 4th of July? It's time to find a parade and prep!

Cycle on down to Satsuma Kids Shop between 10a and 4p on Saturday, July 1st to create one-of-a-kind flair for your handlebars, bike basket, spokes and more!

$10 gets you all kinds of flair!

Family Fourth of July in the Pacific Northwest

Here's a list of LAST YEAR's family fun Fourth of July activities in the Seattle area. We'll update with the current list when it becomes available. You can visit websites to confirm times too. Thanks to our friends at Red Tricycle and enjoy!


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