Foil Letter Balloons | 14" Flat (no helium)

$ 4.00

Foil Letter Balloons | 14" Flat (no helium)

Festive 14" air-filled letter balloons are great to string together to make words and phrases. Each balloon has hanging tags.

Make a big moment with our foil inflated letter balloons. The balloons are beautiful and unique visual effects, which are the best party decoration. With the balloons, you can spell out some names, places, dates, ages or any other important messages.

Besides, amazing fun way for children to learn abc and numbers. You can even make basic words, which your children learn much quicker by being fun. 


  • Excellent quality foil balloons, ideal for birthdays, parties, proposals, baby showers, Christenings, anniversaries and much more
  • These foil balloons are self-sealing.
  • You can use a balloon pump on these or even use a large straw to blow them up. The can even be deflated using a straw and re-used.

Please Note

1. The balloon will arrive deflated.

2. Please use manual pumps to inflate balloons instead of electric inflatable pump