Middle School Tech + Etiquette Class | October 20th from 2:30p-4p – Satsuma Designs

Middle School Tech + Etiquette Class | October 20th from 2:30p-4p

$ 50.00

Middle School Tech + Etiquette Class

By popular demand, we're now offering an etiquette class for Middle School students from ages 11 to 14. 

Bridging the span from childhood to adulthood can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In our Tech + Etiquette Class we'll begin to build the foundation of a strong bridge to confidence and courtesy.

And to show you how in touch with reality we really are, we know that our target audience might not be fully convinced to attend. Please share that this is a FUN class and NOT punishment.

Students will be treated with respect and gain some insight into the everyday workings of the world. They'll be ready to tackle job interviews, impress grandma at the dinner table, put their phone away when they're with friends, help mentor friends to do the same and extend common courtesies to those around them. Their light will shine!

Class size limited to eight (8) guests for optimal student engagement.

Students will be welcomed to a properly set table and engage in polite conversation while brushing up on basic table manners. Class includes a healthy and hearty snack. 

Class topics will be introduced in a conversational format and cover the following:

  • Technology Etiquette - appropriate phone usage, how to break unsuccessful device/phone habits
  • Classroom Etiquette - ways to enhance classroom experiences as an engaged student
  • Public and Personal Social Skills - the magic of courtesy
  • Pro Tips for Positive Adult Interaction - positive body language, eye contact, grooming, and speech 
  • Basic Table Manners - bread and butter, folks! refresher on table manners to delight fellow table mates, become a manners mentor at school and home
  • Goal Setting - design one personal challenge goal related to the topics above
  • Follow Up Mentoring - this class includes a follow up call from Mrs. Porter within 2 weeks of class to check on results of one personal goal created in class

About Instructor Jennifer Porter

With tales from the front line of manners coaching AND parenting, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to her etiquette classes. Her love of children and personal mission to do her part to create a world that overflows with courtesy and kindness is the inspiration for her popular manners classes.

Jennifer is a certified event planner with extensive event planning, marketing and sales experience. With respect to protocol and etiquette, she spent her early career in Washington, D.C. developing executive level seminars for women in government leadership and private enterprise.

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Photos courtesy of Elijah O'Donell

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