Mod a la Mode Vintage Fashion Coloring Pages

$ 15.00

Mod a la Mode Vintage Fashion Coloring Pages

Can you dig it?

Check out these fifteen images of sixties and seventies fashion to color, keep, share and enjoy. The late-middle twentieth century was largely a time of optimism, social change and creative freedom, a mood reflected in the fashion of this era. Colors were bright, and silhouettes could vary wildly from season to season. As the 1950s moved into the 1960s and beyond fashion turned its eye towards the youth market, and a much wilder aesthetic dominated; skirts became shorter, prints bolder, and rules of all kinds were abandoned.

For this coloring portfolio, Laughing Elephant Press hunted through their treasure trove of pattern catalogs and magazines from the sixties and seventies, seeking out the funkiest, grooviest, wackiest and most fashionable images for coloring enthusiasts of all skills.

Portfolio set includes 15 oversized pages.

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