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Penny Candy Goggles - Bling2o

$ 24.00

Penny Candy Goggles - Bling2o

Bling2o is going to the candy shop this season! Penny Candy features 3-dimensional candy charms around the lens, beautiful swirled rainbow colorways and silicone ‘S W E E T’ sliders across the strap, penny candy will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Penny Candy is latex-free, equip with UV Protection, a super anti-fog coating and comes included with a protective hard case. Penny Candy is available in three confectionary colorways.


The color variation between pink, purple and white is VERY subtle. The main difference is the color of the nose bridge. You'll see the purple is purple/pink, white is white/pink and pink is pink/pink. Otherwise, goggles are nearly identical. You can't go wrong with any choice! Enjoy

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