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Pocket Mirror - Vintage Designs

$ 10.00

Pocket Mirror - Vintage Designs

We absolutely love these vintage pocket mirrors that are essential to every gal's pocketbook! Our friends at Laughing Elephant have chosen the best designs from their archives to feature in their vintage pocket mirrors. As they say:

"At Laughing Elephant we ascribe to the philosophy that everything in one’s life should be as beautiful as possible. This seems an especially appropriate rule for those little essentials women tend to carry in their bags: cosmetics, a brush or comb, a case for one’s glasses.

Thus we have created Lovely To Look At pocket mirrors graced with beautiful and appropriate images. The mirrors close with a magnetic clasp, so they remain protected in the often dangerous environs of a purse, but open with a mere flip of the finger. The mirror cases are made from sturdy cardboard covered in laminated paper, this particular one features two lovely ladies of mysterious mien."

Mirrors measure 3" wide by 4.5" high.

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