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The Catalog | A Mountainous Hospitality Story

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The Catalog | A Mountainous Hospitality Story

When Laughing Elephant Press first published Jasper Tomkins' whimsical picture book in 1981, Publisher's Weekly said in its review: Three mountains just sit, day and night, until a catalog arrives in their remote desert location.

Studying the offerings, one mountain decides to order 43 giraffes; the second sends for 61 turtles; and the third decides on 52 bears. The animals arrive in due time, kicking off blithe happenings that grow out of the hosts' ideas for making the company feel at home and the guests' generous reciprocations of favors.

The mountains order refrigerators full of food, decks of playing cards, records for dancing and (of course) a record player. Their gifts to the mountains are depicted in the last pages of

Tomkins exhilarating flight of fancy, a love of a book with pictures so cleverly drawn that the author makes one eager to believe his tale.

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