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This Is My Wish For You Book | The Perfect Gift

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This Is My Wish For You Book | The Perfect Gift

Frequently one wishes to say to another, I wish you the best of everything. This book delivers this message with power and sincerity. Welleran Poltarnees has taken Snell's text and selected a painting or illustration for each wish, giving additional life to an already marvelous text.

We assert, without exaggeration, that this is the nearly perfect gift book. At a diminutive 6.5"x4.5" it is a gift that can be carried and treasured.

This is a book created to be given. At its center is a poem by Charles Snell which was written for, and published in, 1914 as a small gift book. In it the giver, in a series of concrete images, extends the recipient many good wishes.

In Laughing Elephant Press' volume, Snell's words are presented within borders made by Daniel Maclise for a book entitled Moore's Irish Melodies, published in 1846. The publisher has selected images to accompany each wish. These are made by a great variety of painters and illustrators, and range over more than 150 years.

This Is My Wish for You is in the tradition of ancient blessings, in which one tries, through the power of language, to throw a mantle of protection and beneficence over the receiver.

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