DIY Paper Diamond Advent Garland

DIY Paper Diamond Advent Garland

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is celebrating Advent with our family. Each Sunday a candle is lit in church and we do the same at home. Of course, we love Advent calendars too with their little treats to tempt first thing in the morning!

I like to try a new advent calendar each year and this year I decided I was going to plan ahead and do a special handmade calendar.

diy diamond advent calendar | #advent #holiday #Christmas

Paper Diamond Advent Garland

I love paper crafts especially those that involve a lot of hot glue. This diy paper diamond advent garland is a winner! While not a quick and dirty craft project, this garland is surprisingly simple and fast. All of the steps are shown and described below.

If you decide to try my diy paper diamond advent garland to ring in your Christmas season, I'd love to see your creation. Tag me on Instagram at #satsumasmiles and I'll share the love. Enjoy!


Here's what you need for your DIY Paper Diamond Advent Garland

  • DIY paper diamond advent garland TEMPLATE
  • Colored card stock
  • Scrapbook or other festive paper to cut out your numbers
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Good scissors
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Some type of garland (fake pine, fresh pine, other...) to hang your paper diamonds on.

How to make my DIY Paper Diamond Advent Garland

1. Print your paper diamond template on colored card stock.

2. Cut out your templates - 24 or 25 of them depending on how you like to celebrate Christmas day.

3. Fold and glue your paper diamonds.

4. Cut out your numbers 1 through 24 or 25.

5. Start glueing!

6. Hole punch the top hexagon of your paper diamonds so you can string ribbon or twine through to hang your paper diamonds.

7. Fill your paper diamonds with treats for the kids.

8. String your ribbon through the hole you made in your top. Tie a knot to ensure that the ribbon doesn't come out the top. Now, glue again.

9. Hang and enjoy!

    Cut Template

    diy diamond advent calendar | #advent #holiday #Christmas

    Next, glue your paper diamonds with hot glue.

    diy diamond advent calendar | #advent #holiday #Christmas

    Now, hole punch your hexagon top and string your ribbon or twine through the top making sure to double knot if needed so your ribbon doesn't come through the hole.

    diy diamond advent calendar | #advent #holiday #Christmas
    Et voila! You're ready to hang your Advent garland.

    diy diamond advent calendar | #advent #holiday #Christmas
    diy paper diamond advent garland
    diy paper diamond advent garland
    diy diamond advent calendar | #advent #holiday #Christmas


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