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Host a Fund Raising Shopping Party

Raise money for your cause and enjoy a discount too! We will host a Fund Raising Shopping Party for your cause. (photo below)

What we do for your Shopping Party

  • Give you 25% of all sales during your Fund Raising Shopping Party on in-store purchases. You can use the 25% in whatever manner you decide, eg: 15% to your cause and 10% discount to your community when they shop at Satsuma.
  • Host your event for a full day, part of a day, or a few hours, all of which can include an in-store party with refreshments.
  • Give you marketing materials such as photos, copy and more to help you publicize your event.
  • Bring all the best kids and gift brands to you and your community to buy the things they already want.

What you do for your Shopping Party

  • Contact us to schedule your Fund Raising Shopping Party - jennifer (at) or 206-604-6465
  • Decide how you would like to designate your 25% of in-store sales.
  • Tell all your friends, neighbors, family and supporters about your Satsuma Fund Raising Shopping Party. Use social media, newsletters, fliers and more to promote your event. 

 We love to help!

Email jennifer (at) to work out the details that serve you and our cause best. 

We look forward to serving you!


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    shopping parties for charity at Satsuma