Manners coach sitting on chairAsk any successful business pro, parent, teacher, coach, or organizational leader and they'll tell you there's nothing 'soft' about 'soft skills'.

Interpersonal skills are the lifeblood of successful teams no matter the age or makeup.

Our etiquette coaches can give you the tools to succeed in all areas of life when we teach you and your team or group the fundamental elements of courtesy, customer care and creating an environment of respect for all.

Please contact us by phone at 206-604-6465 or email jennifer @ to book a session or discuss how we can best serve you.

For Children and Teens

  • Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troop Classes | includes Manners Patch
  • Individual Manners and Etiquette Coaching
  • Friends and Family Table Manners + Common Courtesies Class
  • Student Zetiquette for Optimal Distance Learning
  • Magical Manners - Table Manners and Courtesy Coaching
  • Teen Tech Etiquette
  • Essential Interview and Communication Skills for Teens
  • Adulting 101 for High School and College Students

For Businesses

  • Communication Skills Training
  • Customer Care Success to Boost the Bottom Line
  • Internal Team Development for Success

Self-Guided Manners Course

Mastering Mealtime | Transform Your Kids into Enthusiastic Table Setting + Clearing Pros in Just 5 Days

Self-guided multi-module manners class for children | $19 package price includes:

  • Audio Guides | 6 Sessions
  • Video Guides | 2 Sessions
  • Table Setting Supply Checklist (PDF)
  • Mastering Mealtime Placemats (PDF) in 2 sizes (8.5"x11" and 12"x18")
  • Mastering Mealtime Vol. 1 Spotify Playlist

Virtual children's classes | $250 (plus tax) for 60 minute session with a target class size of no more than 12 students (flexible!). We encourage you to connect with friends and family to book your group class.

Individual manners and etiquette coaching | In-person class(es) for custom manners lessons. Reach out for a customized lesson plan. Starts at $300/family.

Seattle area In-person Girl and Boy Scout classes | $30/student (plus tax) for 75 minute session. $500 plus tax minimum.

Seattle area In-person children's classes | $50/student (plus tax) per 75 minute session with a target class size of no more than 12 students (flexible!). We encourage you to connect with friends and family to book your group class. $500 plus tax minimum.

Business classes begin at $300 (plus tax). Please reach out for a proposal to meet your team's specific needs, which includes a complimentary 20 conversation to help assess.

Please email, call or text to discuss a class that works for you - jennifer @ or ring (206) 604-6465. We look forward to serving you!

Delighted Clients Say...

The girls really enjoyed the class! I received great feedback from both kids and moms. We noticed an immediate improvement in their manners and are so happy we booked the class." - Vicky, Southern CA


The class was nothing short of awesome...I have already seen marked improvement and we are going to put in practice an incentive jar for her to earn a special dinner with the menu of her choosing.  The class made it fun and engaging in a way that we weren’t able to based on mealtime alone. - Karrie, Seattle


"My daughter is using please and thank you without needing reminders as well as placing her napkin in her lap!  What a success!" - Paige, Seattle

"Our kids enjoyed themselves at the Magical Manners!  Sometimes, a special event for your kids like this can teach them concepts in a more powerful way than hearing it at the dinner table, every night ad nauseam.  The beautiful setting and creative delivery will has had lasting effects.  We will share this with all our friends!" - Mona, Seattle

"That was really an hour?! It felt like 20 minutes!" 9 year old happy student, Bellevue

The girls loved it and “taught” us what they learned on the way home! Thank you! - Sarah, Seattle