Welcome! We would love to hear about your product development and sewn goods production needs. Satsuma Designs in Seattle offers clothing manufacturing and all sewn goods services to brands of all sizes. 

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Satsuma Designs is a Seattle-based social enterprise focused on developing the sewn goods industry in Washington state through skills training for livable wage jobs, sustainable business practices, and NO-waste production.

If you reach out via email, phone or submit our form below, we will assume you have read the following guidelines in total and agree to our requirements. Thank you!

TL;DR (terms + conditions) - Updated for 2024

  • Sample fee per style starts at $400 - must sample to give per-piece price and proceed with production. Per-piece prices valid for 30 days from sample to purchase order receipt.
  • Hourly rate is $200
  • 50% deposit required on all purchase orders
  • Full payment due upon delivery/pickup - checks preferred. 3% fee on credit card transactions; 1% fee on bank transfers
  • Products must be reviewed by customer within 5 business days
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 100-200 depending on style
  • Turnaround varies depending upon shop schedule - typically 4-8 weeks from time all materials arrive and samples approved
  • Fabric on rolls no heavier than 40 lbs.
  • If you run short of a supply (fabric, binding, buttons, zippers), we will charge you our per hourly rate to communicate this shortfall AND a $100 minimum charge on the purchase order. Sound Draconian? Ask me about it.
  • Must have a tech pack per style that INCLUDES sewing operations (if it doesn't we charge our hourly rate to sew it most efficiently)
  • Must have a pattern per style
  • We can be flexible on markers - no marker increases labor cutting time so your per piece price is higher. You determine where you want to invest your dollars.
  • Must provide boxes, bins, or soft sided totes for finished product. Please use recycled boxes. We will line with bag/paper to protect garments. 
  • If we ship to you, using your shipping account/labels, we charge $50 for handling. That's the time it takes us to secure your products in boxes, do the admin and comms to get it to you in good order.
  • Be cool and communicate with kindness.
  • Don't nickel and dime. 

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New to the business and want to accelerate your sewn product launch? Watch my 50-second video.

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Save dozens of hours of searching and instead book a launch session with Jennifer Porter who will answer questions and give you a 6-month (accelerated) or 12-month sewn product launch timeline.

Here's a link to Satsuma's full suite of business courses and training to help you cost and price your products for profit with every sale.

We are a full service sewn goods production company that can assist with the following services below.

And we know the value of good storytelling in the digital age. You can count on us to send you and your team production photos and videos to help illustrate the process and why you CHOOSE WISELY to make your unique products in the USA!

  • Design
  • Business planning
  • Website and marketing strategy
  • Materials sourcing (fabric, trims, hardware, thread, labels, hang tags, packaging)
  • Product costing
  • Pattern making (in-house and partners)
  • Pattern grading (creating multiple sizes - partners)
  • Marker production and printing in house on 40" wide plotter (digital layout of a pattern on a large sheet of paper laid atop fabric layers for efficient production cutting)
  • Product sampling
  • Cutting and sewing
  • Small to large volume production runs - 100-200/style MOQ (minimum) depending on the complexity of the product with 3 colorways and 3 sizes (S-L) included. (Additional colors/sizes subject to differentiated pricing)

Work with Satsuma Designs

As a company whose mission is to contribute to on-shoring domestic sewn goods production with a focus on Washington state, we work tirelessly to serve our clients by producing high-quality products on time and on budget. 

Capabilities and Equipment One Sheet (PDF)

To be contacted by a member of our team, please fill out this form

How We Work

To cover our nut and not go nuts, we require a few things:

  • Clear and respectful communication
  • Tech packs for all styles
  • Sampling fees are billed at $200/hour with a $400/per style minimum - this includes ALL forms of communication - email, phone, text - related to your account
  • Per-piece prices good for 60 days from sample to purchase order receipt.
  • Throughout sampling and production phases, all communications, administrative, and material handling fees are billed - in addition to quoted sampling and per piece production costs - at 6-minute increments at $200/hour.
  • 50% deposit required on all approved purchase orders. (subject to determination by Satsuma)
  • Office and communication hours are Monday-Friday - please limit communications to weekdays. 
  • NO-waste material systems - scraps are shredded, donated or used and excess material is converted to additional orders, donated, used in-house or by others, or charged nominal monthly storage fee.
  • All fabric used in production (not sampling) MUST be on rolls. For production fabric not on rolls, hourly billing to process and transfer to rolls.
  • Fabric rolls MUST weigh 50 lbs. or less. You are responsible for working with your supplier to confirm. If rolls are heavier, you will be charged a fabric handling fee at our hourly rate.
  • Large volume fabric orders (pallet size) will incur handling fees at hourly rates. This involves breaking down palette and fabric packaging to recycle and dispose of responsibly. 
  • Invoices due upon shipping or pick up - credit card payments incur 3% service charge.
  • Late payment fees will apply. Failure to pay invoices on time and in full result in Satsuma Designs LLC retaining ownership of sewn goods for 30 days. If payment is made, we relinquish product. If invoices not paid within 30 days Satsuma Designs LLC reserves the right to sell product at above invoice total. Let's not go there.
  • If we ship to you, handling fees apply at our hourly rate.
  • Fabric and supply storage. We are happy to store your future purchase order supplies to create ease in your supply chain. Monthly fees start at $250.
  • We do not work with real or faux fur.

Pattern, Grading, and Marker Requirements

While in some cases we don't require markers, we DO require 'opened' patterns with ALL pattern pieces. For example, NO 'cut on fold' or 'cut 2'.

Patterns that require cutting (from paper) incur an hourly rate fee outside of production costs.

If sending digital files, patterns must be scaled to size in PDF format for oversized 36" wide printing.

Please book a consulting session with Jennifer if you have questions.

Satsuma Designs Contract Sewn Manufacturing Terms and Conditions (PDF)

If you're happy to work this way or need help getting there, reach out or to be contacted by a member of our team, please fill out this form

Satsuma Designs Product Development and Production Query Form

Approximate Timelines

Getting to market quickly with your goods is important to us. We have been where you are and recognize the comfort that accompanies predictable cash flow through sales.

We will work to set a reasonable timeline for your project. Sample project timelines may include:

  • Material sourcing - 1-6 weeks
  • Prototyping - 2-4 weeks
  • Sampling - 2-4 weeks
  • Production - 4-8 weeks

Sampling Services

Just getting started or interested in moving production? Let us sample your sewn product.

Please get in touch to set up a complimentary 30-minute zoom call to see how we can help.

Are You Interested In Ethical Production?

You may be if you answer YES, please! to any or all of these descriptors.

  • Work with a U.S.-based manufacturer to help create American jobs
  • Work with a manufacturer that pays a fair wage
  • Work with a manufacturer that provides stable, quality jobs
  • Work with manufacturer that is environmentally friendly and works to operate a low waste facility through LEAN manufacturing methods
  • Work with a manufacturer that has an equity and dignity-based business model and work environment
  • Ensure that my product has a low carbon footprint and/or is made from environmentally friendly or U.S.-sourced materials
  • Ensure that my business operates as a social enterprise, meaning some aspect of your business improves human or environmental well-being

If you're just getting started and want to accelerate your launch with experienced planning and production, book a sewn manufacturing launch session with Jennifer here.

Happy Clients Report

“Jennifer’s positive, can-do attitude is contagious and makes working with Satsuma a no brainer. Jennifer is a wealth a knowledge for resources, any time I’m not sure where to find something Jennifer has the answer.” | Sara Eizen, Seattle Interior Designer & Professional Organizer - SaraEizen.com

"At Swirl Vintage, we were in need of assistance with our marketing, how to best use our social platforms and how to drive our sales. Jennifer was eager to help move us forward and suggest how to place us in the best direction to generate revenue. I appreciate her open mind to bring new ideas to the table and really figuring out who our target market is and how to move forward." | Jill at Swirl Vintage

"It is a joy to work with Satsuma! [Jennifer] is a helpful presence who loves supporting local businesses and teaching others tips and tricks." | AS

"I had the privilege of working with Satsuma on a custom backpack project to accommodate my daughter's medical equipment...we ended up with three very functional and attractive backpacks that my daughter can now proudly use. We would both highly recommend working with Satsuma!" | MS, Seattle

"How on earth are you so productive?! Teach me the way, Master Yoda!" | SH, Seattle

"Working with Jen and her team at Satsuma has been an amazing experience for a small new business like us.  She was knowledgeable and creative in finding ways to make our design work and committed to delivering high quality products.  Jen is honest, hardworking and all around an amazing partner to have in getting our products made locally and ethically.  We're grateful and proud of the partnership!" | Sunny Hong, Portmanteau Home