9 Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator

Could the well organized refrigerator be a marker for a clear mind? Survey says yes! Or at least a more calm and well-fed one. Fridge Labels Organize fridge by type and frequency[/caption] Inspired by a variety of yummy recipes from cooking blogs and the beet soup and ground lamb juice that sprayed the bottom shelf, it came time for a spring clean up and a reordering of the fridge to make said recipes a snap to cook.  These 9 ways to organize your refrigerator break food types out by zone. We took things seriously and unloaded all the food and started thinking about type and frequency of use. We also wanted to focus on the ‘best case scenario’ and highlight the foods that are best for us – fruits, veg, lean protein with grains and dairy thrown in the mix. Whip out the Sharpie and 1″ painter’s tape and go to town. We opted to put treats in the smallest area and kind of hard to reach upper left corner with the other categories following like this:
  • upper left shelf – treats (soda, chocolates, 3 day old choco banana bread), one can of bellini mix
  • upper right shelf – sauces, condiments and fats (ketchup, peanut sauce, panang curry sauce, hot sauce, chili verde, chicken stock and more, plus peanut butter, almond butter, sunbutter, grapeseed oil we use frequently in place of olive oil for sautee and roasting)
  • middle left shelf – dairy and leftovers/combo foods (yogurt, black beans, mac/cheese, some brown rice with rotisserie chicken) the combo foods reference goes back to introducing the little ones to solid food - love combo foods!
  • middle right shelf – grains (bread, tortillas – corn and flour – english muffins)
  • bottom left shelf – fruits
  • bottom right shelf – vegetables
  • bottom left drawer – fruits – adjusted to proper LOW humidity setting optimized for fruits)
  • bottom right drawer – veggies – adjusted to proper HIGH humidity setting optimized for veg.)
  • bottom long drawer – protein and cheese (chicken, salmon, all cheeses) opted to combine here and place at bottom to avoid lamb juice redux.
Now on to the freezer!

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