Share Your Love Advent Garland

Share Your Love Advent Garland

If the sugar load from a daily chocolate in your Advent calendar is more than you're looking for, here's my share your love advent garland that gives the gift of sharing for 24 days before Christmas.

share your love advent garland | #advent #garland

Little Ways to Show We Care

I was so inspired by my kids' paper Advent garland from last year, that I wanted to create a garland that gave the kids a reason to 'go' and not just 'show.'

My Advent garland threads 24 paper cylinders on gold thread and is topped with a yellow star. Each paper link gives a suggestion on how to share your love today.

This Advent, we'll be removing a link each morning and use whatever is written as a guide for doing good works throughout the day.

share your love advent garland | #advent #garland

Make A Share Your Love Advent Garland

This project is not only a fun way to make Advent a part of daily life this holiday, but it's a VERY easy activity for kids. 


  • 6 pieces 8.5"x11" construction paper in red, green and white
  • 1 piece 8.5"x11" yellow construction paper
  • Pens for writing your Advent wishes and goals
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Twine or Ribbon about 7' long to thread your links
  • Tape
  • Hooks to hang your Advent garland. I use Command Hooks with abandon!

I started by cutting my red, green and white paper into 4 equal strips. I used the short side so that my links were a little wider. 11" width divided by 4 is 2.75" wide each.

Next, I hand out your paper pieces to the kids have fun writing goals and wishes. My kids and I tried to come up with the thoughtful ideas that we could practice throughout the day.

Now, punch 4 holes in each edge of the paper making sure to leave about 1/2" clearance on all sides of the hole.

Wrap the paper into a cylinder and place a small piece of clear tape to secure.

Share Your Love Advent Garland | #Advent #Christmas

Now, thread your links onto your ribbon or twine and hang.

Next, you'll want to make your Christmas star. Try the tutorial below for a no-fail hand-cut star!


Cut a Super Star

I used this paper star tutorial that was very easy to follow.

Share Your Love Advent Garland | #Advent #Christmas

Share Your Love Advent Garland | #Advent #Christmas

Share Your Love Advent Garland | #Advent #Christmas

Share Your Love Advent Garland | #Advent #Christmas


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