Elf-Approved Holiday Refreshment Station for Delivery Drivers

Elf-Approved Holiday Refreshment Station for Delivery Drivers

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Ho, ho, ho, my festive friends!

As the holiday season twinkles in, and the days get darker, it's time to shine a light on those unsung heroes who dash through the snow and rain to make sure our packages arrive on time. 

That's right, our jolly friends in brown and blue – the delivery drivers!

Let's make their spirits bright with a dash of elf magic and a sprinkle of gratitude.

How To Stock Your Own Elf-Approved Refreshment Station

Picture it: a tiny oasis at your doorstep, a spot where the wearied delivery driver can grab a quick treat and a sip of cheer. Introducing the Elf-Approved Holiday Refreshment Station – a little way to say, "Thanks for being the magic in our deliveries!"

And I've got a free and festive printable to make your station sparkle!

Photo of holiday printable to thank delivery drivers

Scroll below to download your elf-approved sign and create a dazzling signpost for your Refreshment Station. Slide it into an acrylic frame then place in your refreshment station.

Pro Tip: Laminate the sign if you can to ensure it survives the winter elements. After all, we want it to be as sturdy as Santa's sleigh!

Photo of small metal sleigh on porch stocked with snacks next to a small faux Christmas tree

Holiday Refreshment Station Essentials

Hot Cocoa Haven

Keep a thermos of hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course!) to warm up those chilly fingers. Add a sign that says, "Take a sip and let your troubles melt away!"

Include compostable to-go cups with lids and napkins for any spills!

Snack Shack

A basket of energy bars, cookies, or even a mix of salty and sweet treats can be the perfect pick-me-up. Attach a note saying, "You've sleighed the day! Grab a snack and keep spreading joy."

Hydration Hub

A basket or cooler filled with bottled water or sports drinks will keep our hardworking heroes hydrated. 

Words of Cheer Jar

Place a jar with uplifting messages or funny jokes. Drivers can pick one up for a chuckle on the next delivery.

A tag on the jar could say, "Your deliveries are the gift that keeps on giving – enjoy a laugh on us!"

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Spread the Cheer Beyond the Gear

Our delivery drivers aren't the only ones making the holidays merry. Let's give a round of applause to other service providers who light up our lives, even when the weather outside is frightful!

Mock up of device with holiday delivery driver refreshment station printable

Postal Praise

Your friendly mail carrier braves the elements every day, ensuring letters and packages reach Santa and Mrs. Claus on time.

Slip a pretty holiday card expressing your gratitude for their incredible dedication through the year.

More Holiday Hospitality Printables

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Delivery Driver Holiday Treat Station

Milk Box Messages

Before next Monday’s delivery include a thank you note with a cash gift to show your appreciation for helping make your family’s meals complete each week.

Garbage Collector Goodies

Garbage collectors work diligently, even during the holiday hustle.

Leave a little bag of goodies and a thank-you note on top of your garbage bin with a cheerful message like, "You're the reason our neighborhood sparkles – enjoy a treat on us!"

Snow Shoveler Surprise

If you're fortunate enough to have a snow shoveler who clears your driveway, consider leaving a thermos of hot cocoa or a small gift outside with a sign saying, "Your hard work warms our hearts – take a break and enjoy!"

Utility Worker Uplift

Those brave souls working in utility services keep our homes warm and bright. If you happen to see them working outside your home, offer a warm beverage or a small token of appreciation with a note saying, "Your dedication keeps the lights on – thanks for brightening our holidays!"

So, there you have it, my merry companions!

Download the printable here. If your computer print driver asks, you can print at full bleed to remove the white border I have on mine. I'm stingy with my ink so I don't always select full bleed!

Let's spread the joy, one hot cocoa at a time, and make this holiday season a little brighter for those who make it brighter for us. 🎄✨

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Photo of small metal sleigh on a front porch filled with snacks for delivery drivers


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