How To Be A 5-Star Holiday Guest

How To Be A 5-Star Holiday Guest

The holiday season brings invitations a plenty and what a joy it is to be included in others' celebrations!

Make the most of your guest status by showing care to your host and receive a coveted 5-start guest rating. Try my tested methods below to ensure your beloved guest status!

If you haven't consider this yet, being a guest has distinct advantages including but not limited to the following benefits:

  • You don't have to host! (read: clean, cook, or cajole)
  • You get to spend time in another's environment and bring all your personality and charm to bear.
  • If you play your cards right, you'll develop a reputation as a great guest to get invited back again and again.

Being a great guest goes beyond just showing up – it's about contributing positively to the atmosphere, acknowledging the efforts of your host, and ensuring everyone has a memorable time.

Let's explore ten easy ways to be a stellar guest during holiday visits and meals with family, covering everything from RSVP etiquette to expressing gratitude.

RSVP Promptly and Clearly

Respond to the invitation as soon as possible to help the host plan effectively.

Clear communication about your attendance allows hosts to finalize guest lists, plan meals, and make necessary arrangements. If there are any dietary restrictions or preferences, communicate them in advance to ensure everyone can enjoy the holiday meal without any hiccups.

No-Stress Action Item: Here's how to make timely RSVPs part of your holiday season.

Bring a Thoughtful Hostess Gift

Show your appreciation to the hosts by bringing a small gift. It's nice to consider a consumable gift that can be opened and shared with other guests if s/he would like. And a consumable doesn't take up cupboard space!

If you're traveling for a holiday gathering and have limited packing space, send a floral arrangement that can be used as a centerpiece or enjoyed elsewhere if the hostess already has a tablescape plan. 

Be sure to consider your host's preferences and any dietary restrictions they might have when choosing a gift.

Why it matters: A thoughtful gift acknowledges the effort the host has put into preparing for the event and will have them remembering your care.

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    Offer to Contribute to the Meal

    If the gathering involves a potluck or a shared meal, offer to bring a dish. Check with the host beforehand to coordinate and ensure a balanced variety of dishes.

    Your contribution can be store bought and you shouldn't worry about that fact!

    Ask your host about specific items the host may need assistance with, such as appetizers or desserts and always go with the request, not off script.

    Self-serving Bonus: Offering to contribute to the meal ensures that there's something you enjoy on the menu!

    Be Mindful of Dietary Restrictions

    Tell your host in advance of any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have. This allows them to plan a menu that accommodates everyone's needs.

    If you have severe allergies, consider bringing a dish that you know is safe for you to eat.

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    Help Create a Festive Mood and Fun Conversation

    Add to the atmosphere by keeping conversation fun and light or meaningful if that's where the group heads.

    Avoid controversial topics and be attentive to the preferences of those around you. Use this time to strengthen family bonds and create lasting memories.

    Let’s Be Social!

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    Help with Cleanup and Offer Assistance

    After the meal, offer to help with cleanup. Whether it's washing dishes, clearing the table, or packing leftovers, your assistance is likely to be appreciated.

    If you're staying overnight, make your bed and keep your living space tidy.

    Respect House Rules and Traditions

    Be considerate of the host's house rules and traditions.

    Whether it's taking off your shoes at the door, following a specific seating arrangement, or participating in a particular holiday tradition, respecting these aspects contributes to a harmonious gathering.

    Give Thanks as you Leave

    Even with large gatherings, take the time to find your hosts and give your thanks before leaving.

    A sincere thank-you note, a verbal expression of appreciation, or a small follow-up message can go a long way in showing your thankfulness for the invitation.

    Follow Up with a Thank-You Note

    Send a thank-you note or message within a few days of the party. Reference specific aspects you enjoyed such as the menu, game or conversation with another guest.

    No-Stress Action Item: Use my thank you note template for a note of gratitude that gets remembered

    Be Flexible and Easygoing

    Remain flexible and easygoing throughout the visit.

    Plans may change, unexpected events can occur, and not everything may go as initially anticipated. Approach the holiday gathering with a positive attitude, and be adaptable to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable time for all.

    Being a great guest during holiday visits and meals with family is an essential part of living in community.

    Remember that these simple yet meaningful gestures can go a long way in creating a festive atmosphere.

    By being considerate, expressing gratitude, and actively participating in the joy of the season, you not only contribute to the happiness of your hosts but also enrich your own holiday experience.

    The bonds forged during these gatherings are what make the season truly special. So, as you embark on your holiday celebrations, embody the spirit of warmth, gratitude, and togetherness, making each moment a treasured memory for years to come.

    Happy holidays!

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