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10 Guest Bed Solutions for Small Spaces

10 Guest Bed Solutions for Small Spaces

Grandma and Grandpa are downsizing which has gotten me thinking about navigating future overnights in comfort for the kids and the entire family. I've researched options that will guarantee a comfortable night's sleep and be easy to store. Here's what I found.

Day bed with trundle bed from Target. Love this modern design in an age old concept.

The Pragma bed is super easy to transport, set up and sleep comfortably on a firm foundation.

This roll out bed was inspired by tiny house living, but would be so great in a den for a guest bedroom.

Love this chaise lounge fold out bed for a dorm room or small living space.


Super awesome ottoman to bed conversion in multiple sizes


Armchair to a bed. Yes, please!

Flop by Elena Sidorova

Affordable double size foldout bed for guest quarters. You would need some room to store this, but super easy to place upright in a closet or storage room.



And for the DIY among us, try this DIY Flip Chair from Joann Fabrics

Flip Chair

And more cool DIY, try this convertible coffee table. Love the red they chose.

Convertible coffee table and bed project


10 guest bed solutions for small spaces 


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