Cotton Makeup Remover Swipes - 3 pairs

$ 16.00

Makeup Remover Swipes

Never stain a washcloth or towel again removing makeup! Our 6-pack 100% cotton reusable terrycloth makeup remover swipes are the newest beauty essential. Designed to fit over 3-4 fingers, our makeup remover swipes let you remove eye and face makeup gently, yet thoroughly.

And let's not leave out the lips! Our pink terrycloth swipes are designed to remove lipstick easily.

How to use Makeup Remover Swipes

To use, simply dampen swipes with liquid makeup remover or mild soap and water and clean face as usual.

6 swipes in each package - 2 pink, 2 gray, 2 black.

Always made in the USA!

Also makes a great toddler wash mitt!