This DIY Felt Daisy Chain was absolutely a blast to create. Little miss has had so much fun prancing around in this little felt daisy chain she's nearly worn out her socks! I wish we had a summer wedding to wear it to, but alas we'll have to settle for donning her felt daisy chain for church and every day that ends with a Y. Do you have a special occasion that calls for a diy daisy chain? This little tutorial will help guide you to a sweet little accessory that is pretty enough to wear to a family wedding, yet durable enough to get tossed in the dress up bin and come out smelling like a...daisy. You thought I was going with 'rose'?!

Here's what you'll need to fashion your own sweet DIY Felt Daisy Chain for your little flower:

  • Pink and white felt
  • Yellow pompoms or yellow felt for the stamen
  • 18-24" of 1/4" wide green satin or gros grain ribbon
  • 4 small barrettes
  • Small 1" diameter template either cut by hand or use a small paper punch
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and glue gun

Here's how you'll create your own personal DIY Felt Daisy Chain:

Start by firing up your glue gun and setting your craft station for action. If you've invited your kids to help, prep them with the proper smocks - try ours! - and put down a craft mat to protect your table - try ours again! Now you'll cut out all of your daisy petals.

You'll need approximately 50 small petals about 1" long by 1/8" wide with a rounded edge. See photos here.

Cut out your pink 1" diameter flower base that will lay on the barrette.

Now start gluing your felt daisy petals to the pink felt base as shown.

When complete, glue the yellow pompom or felt to the center.

Now measure your green ribbon that you'll use to connect your flowers.

Use a lighter to finish the ribbon edges so that they don't fray.

Start at one end and glue one flower to the ribbon (you'll attach them all to the barrettes at the very end).

Space the flowers out appropriately and continue to glue your flowers.

Now, figure our which direction you want your first barrette to lay in so that the flower is in the right direction and the green ribbon will drape around the head properly. Continue this for the remaining flowers.

Et voila! You're done! Enjoy your sweet felt daisy chain immediately! If you try it, post a photo of your creative genius to our Facebook page, Twitter or Pinterest. When you do, we’ll send you a Satsuma Designs coupon code. Thanks and happy creating!

diy barette felt daisy chain

diy barette felt daisy chaindiy barette felt daisy chain


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