Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Zoom Games for Kids and Adults

Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Zoom Games for Kids and Adults

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It's another uncertain holiday season when it comes to travel for family and friends. Here are my fun and easy Thanksgiving Zoom games for kids and adults to connect you this November.

Enjoy these easy to organize games to give a party atmosphere as you gather over the Internet to give thanks for on another.

Like in-person games for your family, please add your own personal touches to these games.

When to Host a Thanksgiving Zoom Party

For extended family and friends who would typically celebrate Thanksgiving together, host your Zoom party on Thanksgiving day.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Friday after are also fun and festive times to gather.

It's fun to host a family Zoom session during dessert or cocktail hour. 

Photo of a family in kitchen eating Thanksgiving dinner and playing games

How Long Should a Thanksgiving Zoom Party Be? 

Zoom offers a free plan for 40 minute sessions. This is a great party length for either before or after a Thanksgiving meal.

The next level of Zoom service is $15/month with no time limit.

If you think you'd like to host your party for more than 40 minutes, you can easily string 40 minute sessions together.

Alternatively, invite a family member or friend to schedule a second 40 minute 'meeting' immediately after yours.

Include both Zoom links in an evite, email or text invitation to family and friends!

10 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Zoom Games 

Eye Spy

This fun, classic game gets everyone in the party game zone on Zoom!

If children are at your Thanksgiving Zoom party, let them kick off the fun with eye spy when they select something from another person's screen/background and start by saying, 'I spy with my little eye something that begins with the letter [insert letter here].'

Make sure everyone can see everyone else's screen so that everyone gets a fair guess.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Give people 1-2 minutes to gather your own list of items or my list below. Have fun sharing your turkeys findings!

Scavenger Hunt Items

  • Turkey baster
  • Corn cob
  • Leaf
  • Something orange
  • Table setting place card (make one?!)
  • Soup spoon
  • Football
  • Pepper 

Would Your Rather Turkey Time

Have fun with young and old alike when you determine everyone's tolerance for silliness. 

Try questions like, would you rather...

  • Be a turkey or a giraffe? Why?
  • Eat pumpkin pie or pecan pie as your only dessert forever?
  • Swim one pool lap in cranberry sauce or gravy?

You get the idea!

Minute to Win it Games

Cookie face is a great one!

Each person puts a small cookie or cracker at the base of their forehead (very top of the nose) and uses their facial muscles to move the cookie to their mouth and munch.

You could time each player or do it all at once. Either way, it's a blast! 

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Photo of Thanksgiving turkey with utensils


Name (or Hum) that Tune

Rock and roll at your zoom party! 

Rotate singers to serenade friends and family for song titles, artists, and other trivia notes.

Two Thanksgiving Truths and a Lie

Let your party guests get to the bottom of Thanksgiving lore!

Invite players to try for holiday-themed memories to share and stump the group.

10 Questions

Down from 20 questions, 10 questions is a fun way to get family strategizing and with fewer questions, it's fast and fun!

Designate someone to think of a Thanksgiving-themed idea and let the questions begin. 

Thanksgiving Zoom Prizes for Family and Friends

It's fun to have a few virtual prizes ready to send out via email or text to winners of any of your chosen Thanksgiving games.

Here are a few digital prize ideas to consider.

  • Gift card for a class of any kind - cooking, gaming, art, etc.
  • Prepared food delivery gift card
  • Amazon or other online retailer gift card for personal use or holiday shopping!
  • Xbox or other gaming platform gift card

More Thanksgiving Zoom Party Ideas


This classic dice game is easy for participants to pull together and really relies on the honor code!

Ask your party goers to grab five (5) die, scratch paper and a pen or pencil.

Screen share a Yahtzee scoring card to refresh players on the categories for scoring.

You can download Yahtzee scoring cards from any number of different website as well. 

Thanksgiving Charades

Split into team and use chat to give answers or shout out!

To optimize on Zoom, have fun with charades that can be given and guessed with hands and facial expressions only.

Alternatively, make sure the actor's camera is set to wide screen.

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