'You've Been Gobbled' Thanksgiving Turkey Treat and Printable

'You've Been Gobbled' Thanksgiving Turkey Treat and Printable

5 minute read; 10 minute craft

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If you love to boo your friends and neighbors during Halloween, you'll LOVE to gobble up those same pals this Thanksgiving!

Keep the fun autumn holiday traditions sweet and surprising when you 'boo' your neighbors with my 'You've Been Gobbled, Ya Turkey!' Thanksgiving turkey treat and printable.

paper bag turkey legs at a door step

This fun little project makes great practice for turkey roasting over Thanksgiving.

Practice cutting and shaping manchettes is fun! Manchettes are the little white paper crowns often see on a rack of lamb or poultry.

These days, they're fun for flair, but they're practical too as they serve as a cover over greasy and slippery protein bones for easy cutting!

 pumpkins and paper bag turkey leg in a woven basket

These paper bag turkey legs are fun to fill up to the brim so one family gets lots of treats!

You can absolutely personalize each of them with a gift tag name as well and bundle a few turkey legs into a dollar store or thrifted basket like I did here.

How to Play You've Been Gobbled, Ya Turkey!

Just like the popular You've Been Booed that we all enjoy during Halloween, the Thanksgiving fun is just a great.

Print out the gift tag you'll find below and then gather all of your turkey leg materials.

Plan to get the kids helping you assembling the turkey legs by:

  • Shaping turkey legs
  • Filling bags
  • Cutting out white paper manchettes (the white doo-dad on the end of the turkey leg)
  • Rolling and gluing the manchette
  • Hole punching and tying on the gift tag

Basket of paper bag turkey legs on front door


What Should You Include In your Paper Bag Turkey Leg?

Have fun creating a personalized bundle of treats for your target turkey.

One of the best parts of this fun activity is filling that paper bag to the brim!

Try any number of seasonal treats that friends can enjoy during cold, vacation days.

  • Hot cocoa and coffee fixings
  • Bags of jumbo marshmallows
  • Festive candy canes
  • Card games for the holiday vacation
  • Selection of your favorite holiday flavored candy
  • Bundle of your handmade culinary treats

Hot cocoa and coffee packets with marshmallows and candy canes

You've Been Gobbled Gift Tag Printable

To make your own You've Been Gobbled turkey legs, use these fun printables.

To create, download the file to your computer, open and print onto 8.5" x 11" white card stock.

Copy or printer paper is fine too. If you have natural color or tan paper use that for an extra fun holiday color scheme.

This printable includes eight (8) gift tags so print as many copies as you need for your friends and neighbors.

You've Been Gobbled Gift Tag Printable File (PDF)


Photo of You've Been Gobbled gift tags

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