Kids DIY Sleepover and Camp Bathroom Roll

Kids DIY Sleepover and Camp Bathroom Roll

This bit of inspiration for a kids sleepover and camp bathroom roll was born from necessity and an old, but still usable bath towel.

I turned the large end of said towel into a beach cover-up for little miss, which I'll post about later, and the remnants of the towel became the inside absorbent layer of my kids sleepover and camp bathroom roll.

Photo terrycloth and cotton camp roll for toiletries

Grandma and Grandpa Camp is a highlight of every summer and this one is no different.

Since the kids are getting older, I thought it was time they help pack their overnight bathroom essentials - toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, Satsuma wash cloth, lotion and a couple of emergency items like Sponge bob band-aids and Snoopy tissues.

What's unique about the kids sleepover and camp bathroom roll is the inner pocket that holds a pair or two of clean underwear and a wash cloth.

And short of the zigzag stitching and sewing machine work, let the kids help create this project.

Have them hand embroider or saddle stitch a design into your cotton.

I encourage you to add all the bells and whistles you like to your own kids sleepover and camp bathroom roll and send me photos on Twitter @satsumadesigns or on Facebook.

And let your kids select their own cotton fabric, applique and elastic to give them creative freedom and fun!

Here's what you'll need for your own Kids Sleepover and Camp Bathroom Roll

  • Scrap of terry towel approximately 14" w x 10" h
  • Scrap cotton fabric approximately 16" w x 18" h (you'll fold over the bottom to create your pockets)
  • Felt
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Coordinating thread
DIY kids camp roll for toiletries

Here's how you'll make your own Kids Sleepover and Camp Bathroom Roll

Start by finishing the edges of your cotton fabric.

Now ZigZag stitch your moon and star, or whatever applique you choose, to your cotton fabric.

Then place right sides together vertically with the top ends meeting, ADD in your elastic band between the right sides and sew the short end of the towel to the long ends of the cotton to create a 'envelope' of sorts. Don't sew the bottom shut.

Turn right side out and fold the excess cotton up and over the right side of the towel to create your pockets for supplies.

Sew vertical lines to secure the cotton to the towel on each end and for pockets.

And you're done! Enjoy the time off when the kids hit the road to G&G Camp!

DIY kids camp bathroom caddy


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