The Fast and Easy Way To Grow Sweet Pea Flowers

The Fast and Easy Way To Grow Sweet Pea Flowers

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My lovely aunt created a wall of sweet peas every summer and boy did I love strolling past her fragrant blooms.

If you're not familiar with these easy growing annuals, now is the time to try your green thumb!

Photo of sweet pea flowers in a miniature mint julep cup

Having less of a green thumb than my dear auntie, I came up with a fun and EASY way to grow my own sweet peas from seedlings.

Where to Plant Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a fast growing and easy to care for climbing plant. Their bright blooms add a lovely effect to any space.

Often considered for English gardens, sweet peas can be planted along fence lines and next to vegetable gardens to attract pollinators.

They're lovely as mounded plants without climbing support and can add color and texture when you plant them next to other plants that they can climb through.

Sweet peas are hardy too! They grow beautifully in U.S. zones 2-11.

To check what growing zone you live in, click this handy plant hardiness zone map produced by the US Department of Agriculture. They know their stuff!

Photo of sweet pea flowers in a container on a deck

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Fast and Easy Sweet Pea Planting

With just a few materials found at your local nursery, market or home improvement center, you'll can create a lush and lovely sweet pea sanctuary on your deck, patio or front porch.

  • Planter - have fun using different sizes, heights and colors to create your own unique design.
  • Potting soil
  • Wire hoop
  • Sweet pea starters (or grow from seed)
  • Water
  • Gloves

Photo of sweet pea flowers in a wire hoop

I recommend choosing planters that work best for your space flow.

I love my urn style lightweight textured plastic planter.

I would also love to try a rectangular style planter that I can grow to create a visual barrier for the corner of my deck where the rubbish bins live.

When you're ready to plant your seedlings - from the nursery or your own starters - gather your tools.

Place your wire hoop in your container that has been filled with soil.

Dig a small hole for the delicate roots and place your sweet pea plant in the hole.

Cover roots with soil and pat down a bit.

Water your sweet peas!

When you seedlings begin to grow in earnest help them along your wire hoop by guiding the tendrils to the wire.

This is optional as those sweet pea tendrils will find the wire on their own!

As your sweet pea plants bloom, enjoy cutting fragrant bouquets to place in your home and give to others.

Keep cutting to encourage more sweet pea growth!

At the end of summer, compost your sweet pea plant, clean your container and prepare for next spring.

Photo of sweet pea blooms


When To Plant Sweet Pea Flowers

I generally plant my deck containers in early May and always by Mother's Day Sunday. 

I really enjoy getting out in the dirt on the long, lazy Mother's Day weekend!

Sweet peas were originally cultivated in the warmth of the Mediterranean so they love the sunshine.

Planting in early spring will yield fragrant blooms quite quickly.

Photo of sweet pea flower blooms on a table top

Caring for Sweet Pea Plants

For best results and a full summer of sweet pea color and delicious bouquets, here are some tips for sweet peas:

  • Allow plant to enjoy full sun
  • Water weekly keeping soil moist
  • Cut sweet peas to encourage additional growth
  • 'Dead head' - or pinch off spent, tired and dried out blooms - to tell your sweet peas to make more pretty flowers
  • Collect the seeds to use as starters next season
  • Plant near veggie gardens or veggie container plantings to pollinate neighboring plants. Bees love sweet peas too!

Photo of sweet pea flower bouquet on kitchen counter top

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Photo of sweet pea flowers in a miniature mint julep cup 


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