Free Sewn Care Label Graphics for 100% Cotton and Linen Fabrics

Free Sewn Care Label Graphics for 100% Cotton and Linen Fabrics

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Marvelous Makers! I have the most fun and easy way to enhance your uniquely made items with custom care labels. 

I wanted to make these care label icons available with text so that you can easily pop them into a design.

You can even print these on your desktop onto fabric!

Photo of cotton care label in a blue shirt collar

How To Use Your Cotton Care Labels 

Try my 100% cotton care labels to use in your own designs.

These easy to download and print labels can be cut from fabric, hemmed and inserted into side seams, necklines or wherever you like your care labels.

Use these icons too for cute hang tags printed onto card stock or muslin fabric.

This boho look that uses scrap fabric is a terrific way to upcycle supplies that otherwise would go to the landfill.

How To Print From and Inkjet Printer onto Fabric

I loved testing my hand at printing onto fabric!

To start, I created my care label icons that you can find at this link.

Using my 8.5" x 11" document, I prepped my fabric for the printer.

Next, I cut my fabric and piece of freezer paper to size at 8.5" x 11".

With a warm iron, I pressed the glossy or shiny side of the freezer paper to the WRONG side of my fabric.

Then, I trimmed the fabric to size as needed.

The freezer paper gives the fabric a bit of stability to easily travel through the desktop printer.

Next, I tested which way was UP on my printer. I always forget!

Then, I slid my fabric 'paper' into my machine and clicked 'print'.

Et voila! I had a perfect sheet of cotton care labels to cut out, hem and sew into my clothing.

Photo of cotton care labels before being sewn


Finishing Your Cotton Care Labels

To complete my cotton care labels, I used a double roll hem of about 1/8" on each side.

To get a small 1/8" hem, I used the inside edge of the toe of my sewing foot as guide.

I pay attention to the foot and fabric and not the needle to keep my stitches straight.

Photo of cotton care label that has been hemmed 

Garment Care Categories

How to care for handmade garments can be confusing.

Learning the icons is an easy way to communicate the best care instructions for your own designs as well as read all those labels on the clothing in your closet.

Here's an easy to remember scale for your garment care.

  • Cold wash - 60-80 degrees F
  • Warm wash - 90-110 degrees F
  • Hot wash - 110 or more degrees F

Please note that cold water washing below 60 degrees may not have the capacity to remove dirt and oil from your garments.

This was good, new information for me as I often hand wash in cold!

Using the correct water temperature for your washing will help your detergent work more efficiently and lengthen the life of your clothing.

That's very eco-chic!

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Photo of care labels in cotton top neckline

Printing onto Fabric

I tested my inkjet printer ink on the muslin fabric by hand washing in hot.

I found great results, but I wasn't sure what the 'rules' are about different types of inkjet ink.

Here's what I found.

There are two types of inkjet inks on the market.

Dye-based inks are not waterproof and can be susceptible to smudging and wear. 

However, this is what I have an it has worked great!

Alternatively, pigment based inks ARE waterproof and withstand light exposure too, which helps them last longer.

Either type should work fine for our needs here. I recommend you go with what you have already stocked in your printer! 

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