10 Family Friendly Ways to Add Instant Value to your Home

Whether you're planning a home sale next spring or just want to find quick and easy ways to spruce up your nest for winter hibernation, here are 10 family friendly ways to add instant value to your home. Gather the family to brainstorm lots of creative ways to boost your equity. When you get the kids in on the mission, you'll teach them about taking care of their space, math skills when you budget your updates, and creativity when they get to choose the new hall paint color, or not!

Try these 10 family friendly ways to add instant value to your home.

Create thrifty curb appeal when you divide plants from your yard and replant in the appropriate season.  Divide spring and summer blooming perennials in the fall, and fall bloomers in the spring. Here's Fine Gardening's tips on dividing plants all year long.

Update fixtures that cost less than $10. Outdated knobs and pulls just mean extra work for house hunters.

Rent a pressure washer and hit the sidewalk, front walk, and deck(s). Hit your nearest Home Depot, Lowes or even better your local hardware store to rent a pressure washer for a day or weekend. This annual chore will extend the life of cedar or wooden decks, keep moss growth at bay and add instant curb appeal. After pressure washing the deck, seal with an all-weather sealant to make the most of your elbow grease. Check out Consumer Reports favorite products with How Tos.

Convert your home office back to a bedroom or nursery. If you're bringing up baby in a community teeming with other families, you can bet that house hunters are looking for family-friendly features that will accommodate a growing brood. Families want to know there will be room for junior or little miss plus Nana and Grandpa too.

Reveal hardwood floors in common areas. We've all seen it on HGTV. The utter shock that comes with revealing a beautiful hardwood floor under a sea of old brown carpet. Sweep up extra equity when you ditch the dirty carpet and give new life to hardwood floors in common areas of the home. Main floor living spaces see a lot of foot traffic and wood holds up better than carpet every time. This is an easy DIY project for the family.

Tackle pesky projects on the outside. Shore up gutters, close rodent entry points, secure shutters, sand down buckles in the walkway, fix railings and more. These little projects can add up to diminished value down the line when critters make their way into the crawl space, you trip and fall on that concrete lip, water damage results from faulty gutters. Don't put off for tomorrow what you can break a sweat over today! Haha!

Clean the kitchen. Consider repainting or finishing tired old cabinets. Take the makeover a step further and create value with a new back splash. If tiling scares you, find a fun and durable wallpaper to spruce up your kitchen space.

Create a laundry control center. This is an oft overlooked feature of most homes that will pay dividends in personal satisfaction and wow potential home buyers. Add or improve on the following. Assumes a working washer and dryer that are functioning safely and properly. Vacuum lint quarterly and be sure to clean lint tray after each drying cycle.

  • Create child-proof safe storage for laundry supplies
  • Create a folding table. This can be a simple as a polyester and cloth covered plywood or MDF board that can double as an ironing board, also a prerequisite to a complete laundry control center.
  • Create a space of bins and hampers that make sorting, piling then folding easy.
  • Paint the space in a light, bright and cheerful color. The laundry room is often in the basement of the home and even in an unfinished space find a way to brighten the room or corner as it may be.
  • Drop a comfortable, but durable rug or other flooring for comfort too.

Replace dim or outdated light fixtures. If, like me, you've procrastinated about swapping out that annoyingly dim overhead light that couldn't help you find your way to an open door, now's the time to act! Hire a professional or call your handy Father-in-Law to help. This is an easy fix that can instantly improve any space.

Patch and paint the entry hall or foyer. Make a great first impression when you spruce up your entry hall with some drywall patching, wall paint, trim paint if necessary, a small table for keys, hooks for jackets and bags, and a decorative mirror to keep the whole family looking great when they leave the home to tackle the world. Now take a bit of time to tackle your home projects to add value and instant equity to your home without spending much. Get the family to help out and enjoy!

10 ways to add value to your home

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