This time of year is chock full of festivities and reasons to celebrate. I have to confess that Father's Day planning has taken center stage and my brother's graduation, also June 15th, fell a little down the list. Maybe the best part of graduation gift giving is that it's both appropriate and appreciated to give the gift of cash, but a little heartfelt card is required too. Not feeling like I could make yet another trip to the overwhelmingly long card aisles at our drugstore, I whipped up a little custom DIY graduation card that as an artist himself, I know my bro will love.

With a medium fine ink pen, I wrote Congratulations and added a couple of custom baubles in his school colors - a mortar board and a rolled and bowed diploma. Use my version here as inspiration or better choose your own little way to celebrate your favorite grad. And, hey, don't forget the cash!

easy diy graduation card

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