There seems to be no end to the upcycling of soft goods around here. Take these diy ironic air quote mittens for example. I parlayed a gorgeous 14 year old cardigan sweater that lost a few rounds with the moths into this pair of cozy air quote mittens in all of 10 minutes. I'm crazy about the fun that can be had from old sweater sleeves: mittens, heat pads, baby leggings (add a little sweet elastic trim for the thigh area), infinity scarf, hot pads (add heat resistant quilting), coffee cozies, vase covers, cut up for headbands, stripped for fabric flowers.

I believe I could go on, but let's spare us both. This pair of diy ironic air quotes can be easily made from a child's or adult sweater that's too tired and used to head to the donation station. The extra long length makes them fun to scrunch up and looks great with dressy or casual outerwear. These would be hilarious on a toddler too!

Here's what you need to make your DIY Ironic Air Quote Mittens:

  • Old, holey long sleeve sweater.
  • Paper template sized to fit wearer's hand. Be sure to cut the space between the hand and the thumb deep enough. My first draft was too short.)
  • Black, navy or contrasting embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (can also hand stitch these, but they'll take more like 40 minutes, not 10.
Here's how to make your DIY Ironic Air Quote Mittens: Start by setting up your sewing machine. Trace mitten template and cut out mittens from sweater sleeves making sure that the seam side (vs. the folded outer side) is in toward where your thumb will be. Now, thread embroidery floss in needle and use template to stitch your quotes on the PALM SIDE of the mittens (they're funnier that way so when you go to make air quotes you'll lift your hands for emphasis and lo and behold there will be the quotes. Funny!) Place mitten layers right sides together and sew up. Turn right side out. Now go make a statement, 'fashion' statement that is. Enjoy! diy air quote mittens satsuma designsdiy air quote mittens satsuma designse   Here
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