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Thank goodness K called me tonight to share the most genius Halloween decorating idea. She suggested I carve a mini jack-o-lantern from a Satsuma orange. I got right to it and created this little friend. Here's how to carve a satsuma orange jack-o-lantern in 3 minutes. You could do it in 2! Use these little treats as place cards or place a handful of them as a centerpiece for your Halloween party. Line them up on the mantle and alternate with toilet paper roll ghosts, bats and mummies.

Here's what you'll do:

1. Slice Satsuma orange in half

2. Gently scoop out pulp with your hand and eat the orange

3. Use a sharp paring knife to carve the face. Be sure to cut an opening in the top so it won't burn if you light a tea candle

4. Light it up with a tea light or LED light from the dollar store 5. C'est tout!!

Happy Halloween! NOTE: Never leave a candle unattended

carve a satsuma orange jack-o-lantern in 3 minutes



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