road to wonderland chip card natural maker mom at satsuma designs I'm calling this paint chip card the Road to Wonderland. I snapped it from the car this summer while driving through Idaho, one of my favorite places ever. If, like me, you have trouble choosing what to eat for breakfast much less paint color here's how to choose paint colors you will love. I discovered this new Chip It tool from Sherwin-Williams that is pretty hot! Also, I have no relationship with the company, but have bought paint from them for years and found this new site in my issue of Parent & Child magazine. How cute would it be to scan a photo of your kiddo's art and Chip that? Up for a bedroom paint project? You could design around the art and have a ball crafting up the soft goods too: bedspread, shams, poufs, bunting and so much more. For baby's nursery, use one of your old art projects and design around that. LOVE! The have some annoying sharing policies, but if you don't use photos of your family, I feel like the privacy remains in tact. You can also use their search bar tool to get instant paint palettes from any photo you mouse over. Pretty slick, I think. Go here to chip it. Enjoy!
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