10 Nursing Essentials for New Moms

10 Nursing Essentials for New Moms

Are you nursing or plan to when baby arrives? We have 10 nursing essentials for new moms to share, but, first things first.

Let's talk nutrition and by nutrition, I mean the best lactation cookies you can get your hands on! Mommies need to nourish their bodies to provide the best breast milk to baby they can.

Here's a great lactation cookie brand from Seattle that are great and for the purists, a tried and true lactation cookie recipe that has delighted Satsuma Designs readers.

nursing essentials for new moms

And once you're fortified, here are the best things to have on hand when breast feeding baby. Our 10 nursing essentials for new moms include:

Comfortable nursing bras and camisoles. Invest in a light and dark version of a nursing bra and a camisole that you can wear under every color of shirt. The camisoles are especially perfect for nighttime wear and middle of the night feedings. Pair a new nursing camisole with some soft pajama pants and a soft zip up sweatshirt to create your new bedtime outfit that works for you and baby.

Clip, ribbon or other method to help remember which side you last nursed from.nursing essentials for new moms

Washable nursing pads for day and overnight use.

Lanolin in a tube to protect nursing nipples from drying, peeling and cracking.

Nursing cover or nursing cover clips to turn any blanket into a nursing cover.

Clips should preferably coordinate with Mom's diaper bag and overall aesthetic!

Over-sized baby swaddling blanket to serve as a nursing cover for mom and baby, a burp cloth when needed, and a cozy cover to wrap baby in when finished feeding.

Burp cloths for post-feeding care. Burp cloths should be lightweight and soft for a comfortable fit over mom's shoulder and gentle wiping of baby's delicate skin for any clean up.

Nursing essentials for new mom wouldn't be complete without the actual milk. A breast milk manual hand pump or electric breast pump is a must have.

If you're wondering how you even do this, here's a quick video on how to use a manual breast pump. Containers to store expressed breast milk. Store your pumped breast milk in glass bottles or plastic bags made especially for breast milk. Store bagged or bottle breast milk in the refrigerator and/or freezer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has the following recommendations regarding length of time to store breast milk. Generally, 6-8 hours in room temperatures up to 77 degrees, 5 days in the back of the refrigerator and up to 2 weeks in the freezer.

Take care when storing breast milk, filling up containers in the approximate amounts that your baby will drink at any one feeding, 3 ounces, for example.

And if the above nursing essentials for new moms just don't feel like enough, here's a 22 point checklist from Satsuma Designs to print and pass along to baby shower guests and note for the coming months.

breast feeding essentials for new moms


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