Have you been blowing through Kleenex boxes of tissue this season? We have and I don't mind! Kleenex has come out with so many fun box prints that I have one box stationed in practically every room in the house. And in spite of our full supply, we still seem to run out regularly and what to do with those cute cardboard box prints? DIY Kleenex box gift tags of course. Just in time for the holidays, you and the kids can whip up some fun and free upcycled gift tags from your left over Kleenex boxes. These DIY gift tags are great for holiday gifts, hostess and teacher gifts and also are sweet to tie onto the kids' (or their friends') backpacks as a little, 'hello!' With a few crafting tools you can turn your next empty Kleenex box into a work of art that sends your love in style.

Here's what you'll need for your DIY Kleenex box gift tags

  • Empty Kleenex box(es)
  • Craft paper punches - various sizes and types. I used 4 - 1 tag, 2 oval in large and small and one small round
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Pens, stickers, glitter any other fun embellishments that you or the kids might like to personalize your gift tags
Here's how you'll make your DIY Kleenex box gift tags: Start by pulling apart your Kleenex box and lay it flat Use the craft punches to make shapes Start gluing them, cutting them and hole punching them to create designs, string ribbon and twine, add jewels and more to create your gift tags. Now take those gorgeous handmade gift tags and give them a gift that's wrapped like a pro. Follow these instructions to gift wrap like a pro. Enjoy! tissue box gift tags diy tissue box gift tags and wrap


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