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Finally! It's here. Weather cold enough to toss all those combed or jersey cotton pajamas, pillow cases, slippers and sheets into the linen closet for the season. It's time for 10 cozy flannel crafts to keep the entire family cozy from head to toe through the winter. I've rounded up my top 10 cozy flannel crafts to entertain and engage on cold weather days to then curl up in at night. From toys for baby to beds for pup, these sweet flannel crafts are fun and easy sew. Let the kids help you map our your craft plan and get in on the fun. What flannel craft projects do you love? Share them here. Enjoy and stay warm! 10 cozy flannel craftsLet's get cozy fast with this easy flannel pillowcase tutorial from Crafts a la Mode. kids flannel pillowcase DIY homemade Take care of your tootsies in these flannel slippers from Pretty Prudent. Try lining them in Minky fabric for an extra plush pair. Sweet and playful pajama pants from Craftiness is Not Optional where you'll find dozens of great kids clothing patterns. _Z7A1207 Now a pair of flannel pjs for Mom from Carolina Country Living. Did you have a nightie in this floral print when you were a girl? I did and still remember loving it! Send me a note in comments if you did. :)   Arrg! You better get cozy! Try these adorable stuffies from Bit of Whimsy. Sleepy Pajama Baby PDF Pattern DIY au naturel flannel dryer sheets so everything smells cozy from Radical Possibility. DIY flannel crib sheet to keep baby cozy all night from Our Homegrown Spud & Tater Tot Too! It's easy to enlarge this pattern and tutorial for your double, queen or king sized mattress too. Unfortunately, it's usually cheaper to buy off the shelf in this case, but a flannel duvet cover could be a great project to keep you cozy all winter. And for your other baby, here's a dog bed (featured in fleece) that would be great in flannel for rover from Dog Under My Desk. Loki's New Bed! Cozy flannel kids sleeping bag from Crazy Little Projects will make your little ones wild with delight. Kids Sleeping Bag Pattern and Tutorial by Crazy Little Projects And when you absolute MUST go outside, take your flannel with you and these sweet flannel hand warmers from My So Called Crafty Life. IMG 8782 1024x1022 12 Days of Handmade  DIY Flannel Heating Packs & Hand Warmers


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