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Make Tissue Paper Easter Grass

Do you have a growing supply of semi-used tissue paper from the holidays and birthday parties? I seem to have every color and creation of tissue paper and figured I'd make tissue paper Easter grass for this Easter holiday. I've been crafting up some Easter stuffed bunnies and scrap fabric nests that I want to incorporate into the kids' Easter baskets so coordinated my tissue paper Easter grass in these colors. Here's a great way to recycle tissue paper and the process to make your own tissue paper Easter grass could not be easier. To make your own, you'll spend only 10 minutes with enough tissue paper Easter grass to fill 2 medium sized Easter baskets.

Here's what you'll need to make tissue paper Easter grass:

  • 10 pieces of used tissue paper in spring colors or your favorite print
  • Scissors

How to Make Tissue Paper Easter Grass

Start by laying out your layers of tissue paper with 3-4 layers per group.

tissue paper easter grass materials Fold each group accordion style lengthwise into the smallest width folds - try 1/4" if you can. Mine are more like 1/2", but I prefer smaller Now start cutting cross section pieces that are approximately 1/4" wide. tissue paper easter grass how to When you're done with the length of the tissue paper group, cut the clusters in half and pull to create zig zag tissue paper Easter grass. If you prefer, you can cut your accordion down the middle lengthwise before you cut small pieces to save this step. Now separate pieces to create bright and festive tissue paper Easter grass for your little bunnies. Enjoy and happy Easter! make tissue paper easter grasshow to make tissue paper easter grass

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