How To Package Products That Sell

How To Package Products That Sell

Do you remember the last baby shower your attended? Besides the happy mommy-to-be, what do you remember about the event? If you're like me, you were drooling over the gift pile and wondering how you ever lived without some of the hot new baby items on the market.

And if, like me, you get distracted by bright and shiny things, then you probably had fun eyeing the pretty wrapping papers, over-sized gift bags with curled ribbons and creative ways that guests wrapped up their baby gifts.

You can imagine that I may have a more acute interest in baby products and packaging than most, but I know I'm not unique in my appreciation for well-packaged and eye-catching products that are useful, durable and cute for baby. One who agrees with us is the national sales director of Baby Bunch, one of the most iconic baby gift companies out there. Stay with me here.

I'm 99% sure you've seen the adorable rose bouquet of baby onesies, socks, washcloths and more. This sales pro gave me great advice when she encouraged me to spend time and resources researching and developing great baby product packaging for our collections.

I think we've fared decently, hitting out of the park with some items and missing the ball entirely on others. I wanted to share a few highlight and thoughts behind why we did what we did.

With our Sushi Roll Organic Washcloth Gift Sets shown below we had a blast conceiving the notion that mom should get sushi back on her pregnancy menu. We have been selling our washcloths as sets since we launched them 6 years ago and this packaging is a great way to echo the way that sushi maki (rolls) are currently packaged in groups of six (6).

We had to add one washcloth to our standard 5 pack, but that was fine. To adjust our flannel set, which features a rainbow of binding, we left it as a 5 pack and turned it into our 'hand roll', a traditional sushi offering.

It's not the easiest job to get those washcloths wrapped up and inside our compostable (top and bottom!), so we used another trick to package. We roll our washcloths up and place a napkin ring around the top to gently keep the cloth rolled.

When all six cloths are rolled we remove the napkin rings and gently add the top. We then seal the packages with a custom designed and printed sticker that shares all the features and benefits of our organic washcloths.

How To Package Products That Sell 

  • Retailers will consider shelf real estate, hanging and stacking options and innovative ways to merchandise. Plan for these in packaging design.
  • Consider gift givers first for the best sell through. Create packaging that's eye catching and serves as 'all in one' with a gift box that can be wrapped in a ribbon and presented.
  • Baby Mother Earth. Design packaging options that are made of recycled materials, can be recycled or re-purposed for another use. In our case, we package our washable nursing pads in an organza drawstring bag that's great to carry pacifiers and small toys in baby's diaper bag
  • If selling wholesale, offer retailers a sample packaged item so that they can sell the features and benefits to customers without marring the selling product.
  • When boxing items ensure that the top can easily be removed (unless a seal is required) to encourage customers to view and feel the product. You'll get a better browser to customer rate if you do.
  • Let product packaging do double duty at baby showers when you use product as decor. We package our washcloths and hats in graphic cupcake liners for major impact. 


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Our best selling organic baby scratch mittens are a winner at retail and loved by merchants who can hang, stack or bunch our signature orange packaging.

We love use food grade packaging for baby shower gifts as they're sure to be fresh and clean and make a great statement.

Are you researching great product packaging? If you have questions, contact us, we'd love to talk shop!

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