Kleenex Box Crafts: Gift Tags and Party Place Cards

Hopefully the cold and flu season is a distant memory, but you may have a couple of Kleenex boxes around the house for allergy season. If you're like me, you opt for the cheap, but cut Kleenex box to make even the mundane a little cheerful. I'm crazy for the animal prints that come with my off-brand tissue boxes and am always sad to recycle them. This week, I turned this leopard print Kleenex box into fun gift tags for this weekend's birthday parties.

Or use these easy little tags as place cards when you use a scant bit of chalkboard tape

Here's what you need for your Kleenex Box Crafts:

Here's how to make Kleenex box crafts: gift tags and party place cards:

Start by dismantling your Kleenex box. Gently peel the sides away and lay flat.

Cut the scruffy edges off and create smaller pieces of the print to easily slide into your paper punches.

Now, have at it! Start punching away. Ask the kids to help you.

Now make small hole punches at the top of your tags and string with ribbon.

Create a sweet garland and add a letter to each tag.

Alternate front and back of your tags and write sweet notes on the back side of each to alternate with the print.



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