Avoid the Summer Slide: Dry Erase Math Worksheets for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Up

Avoid the Summer Slide: Dry Erase Math Worksheets for Pre-K, Kindergarten and Up

Does summer school vacation feel like it's coming fast and furiously?

It does around here. We have a couple of school performances on the calendar, a couple of school picnics and a plan to craft some fun end of year teacher gifts.

In spite of the busy-ness, I'm looking forward to planning some fun for summer and am working out a few details on how to best avoid the 'summer slide'.

Here's my answer on how to avoid the summer slide with my dry erase math worksheets for pre-k, kindergarten and up.

Summer Fun Worksheets - Yes! It's Possible!

I had fun designing these math worksheets in a way that were engaging, not overwhelming and versatile.

To do this, I opened up a Word document and created a Table. I then used the subtraction sign as my base so that the kids could either create addition or subtraction equations to work out.

I did the same for multiplication and division by using the forward slash ( / ) symbol that can be used as division as in a fraction or as multiplication when a quick backslash ( \ ) is added.

I printed out my math worksheets, then hit my favorite neighborhood haunt - FedEx/Kinkos - to laminate my math worksheets.

I gave each of the kids a dry erase pen and voila, they're already having fun working out problems on their dry erase math worksheets.

Math Worksheets for Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade

Addition and Subtraction Worksheet

Multiplication and Division Worksheet


More Ways on How to Avoid the Summer Slide

Other great websites and tools to avoid the Summer Slide and still have fun.

I've posted these sites' Twitter handles so you can follow them and get updates throughout the summer as new resources are posted.

Education.com | education_org

Code.org | @codeorg

KhanAcademy.org | @khanacademy

ABCMouse.com | @abcmouse



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