DIY Luggage Tags for Father's Day

Father's Day is this weekend and as usual the kids are struggling over what to make Dad that's both meaningful and practical (Mom talking!). So this year we're making DIY Luggage Tags for Father's Day that feature personalized notes on shaving cream artwork. I'm excited to be presenting a two-part post with my friend Shannah over at Just Us Four Blog where she's featuring my tutorial on shaving cream art. What's more prefect than presenting Dad with art made from his own 'gear'?! Click the link here to see how to make shaving cream art with the kids.

Here's what you need to make your DIY Luggage Tags for Father's Day

  • Shaving cream art cut to 3" wide by 2 1/4" high to fit into Kinko's luggage tag laminate envelope
  • Pens or Sharpies to create Dad's personalized note
  • Luggage tag laminate envelope
  • Laminator - we go to the Kinkos in our neighborhood and pay $1.50
  • Ribbon, twine or a strip of leather to secure the luggage tag to Dad's travel bag

Here's how you'll make your DIY Luggage Tags for Father's Day

Start by cutting your shaving cream art to size. If, like me, you don't have a laminator and rely on your local office supply store, take scissors to trim as needed.

Ask kids to write a personal note to Dad. On the bag, include his phone number or other way to contact him in case he ever DOES lose his bag.

Slide the artwork into the laminate envelope and laminate.

Thread your ribbon through leaving enough length to tie AND loop the luggage tag through the ribbon to secure on Dad's bag.

Now If he can't be with you, you can be with him.

Have fun making your DIY Luggage Tags for Father's Day!



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