5 Easy Cool and Refreshing Breakfast Recipes for Kids

If the heat has hit your neighborhood, you're probably looking for as many ways as possible to keep yourself and the kids cool and happy. There's no better way to start a warm summer day than with a refreshing cool breakfast that combines protein with complex carbohydrates for energy until snack time or lunch. Here are 5 Easy Cool and Refreshing Breakfast Recipes for Kids that I serve all summer long and past Labor Day with great results.

Let's start with the Grandmama of them all: Nutella yogurt parfait breakfast popsicle recipe from Allie at Baking A Moment.


Granola Covered Frozen Banana Recipe from Well + Good

One minute fruit smoothie recipes

nutribullet smoothie recipes for kids

Papaya with Honeydew Sorbet. Fill half of a papaya or mango with low sugar honeydew melon sorbet. The honeydew sorbet recipe shown here is quick and easy from mouthwateringly named Desserts for Breakfast.

Overnight fridge berry oatmeal recipe from Busy Mommy is so yummy and combines the soft texture of hot oatmeal for kids in a refreshing cooled down version.

What are your favorite summer recipes to keep the family cool? We’d love to add you to this post! Post your info in Comments below and we’ll email you for an image to share here.

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