10 Things to Do Before Baby Comes

There's no end to the writings, books and advice on what to do once baby does arrive, but here are 10 Things to Do Before Baby Comes.

Read along for an easy checklist of items to do that will make welcoming baby home a breeze.

10 Things to Do Before Baby Comes

1. Knock off a few of the home improvement to-do items. If you need help with your home improvement punch list, ask friends or family or hire an affordable contractor in your area by using a service like Porch.com.

2. Make some Freezer Meals. Check out some of our favorite time saving recipes that freeze beautifully too.

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3. Create a list of things that friends and family can help you with when offered. Check out our 11 Things to Ask for Help with when Baby Comes blog post to give you ideas on how to offload some of the daily duties that can become overwhelming when baby arrives.

4. Purge closets and donate those items that you're ready to pass along. Here's a great plan on how to clean out your closets from Better Homes & Gardens.

5. Unpack and unwrap baby shower items and put them away before baby arrives. 

6. Find some bliss by scheduling down time with friends or at the salon for a pedicure. You'll love knowing that your toes are in tip top shape when you can finally look down your belly and see them post delivery! 

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7. Nest by creating a cozy haven in your nursery. Find design inspiration with thousands of photos at sites like Houzz.com and Project Nursery. You won't want to stop at one nursery after you see these gorgeous spaces!

8. Wash all clothing that baby will wear. Here's a quick primer on how to do baby's laundry fast!

9. Subscribe to NETFLIX and Spotify for movies and music to keep you occupied of baby is late in arriving and after when baby is home. Choose lullaby tracks on spotify to practice the tune and lyrics that you will find yourself singing to baby no less than 1 million times!

And finally, take Ten (10!) deep breaths and enjoy the anticipation of welcoming your little angel home.



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