The Only 3 Things To Know for Easy Baby Nail Care

The Only 3 Things To Know for Easy Baby Nail Care

When it comes to caring for baby the feeding, changing, bathing, laying to rest and playing seem to come naturally for most parents, but when it's time to trim baby's nails, many parents shudder at the thought.

I know I got stressed out when my husband and I would tag team our little guy to cut his nails. Afraid of hurting him and accidentally nipping his little skin, I'm pleased to say that when I followed the only 3 things to know for easy baby nail care, my worst fears never materialized.

Try my tips below for easy, stress-free baby nail care and put your mind at ease.

The Only 3 Things To Know for Easy Baby Nail Care

Use baby scratch mittens

My friend K's daughter still bears scars from her baby nail scratches and she's in high school! Protect baby's skin from scratches and germs with a pair of baby scratch mittens that can be worn any time and still let baby move her hands around to develop mobility and dexterity.

At Satsuma Designs our baby scratch mittens are made of organic materials and designed to stay on baby's tiny hands. Our baby scratch mittens are available in preemie, newborn and toddler sizes in lightweight and cozy velour options. Click here to browse our selection of baby scratch mittens.

Use Baby Nail Clippers

We have used our Safety1st brand of baby nail clippers for years and have never clipped skin! Well, I haven't, but not sure about my husband. If that does happen, simply apply a clean cloth or gauze to baby's finger, apply pressure for a few minutes until bleeding has stopped.

Do not put on a band-aid for choking hazard. Opt for a pair of baby nail clippers with a small magnifying glass (it's plastic for safety first, of course) that will let you see baby's sweet fingers in stereo.

Most baby nail clippers have a dual action clipping mechanism that allows you to clip once down to secure and a second time to cut the nail. I found this really helpful as it gave me confidence that I had nail instead of skin and let me take a moment to then clip baby's nail.


Clip Baby's Nails While She's Sleeping

No doubt you have a million things to accomplish while baby is sleeping, not least of which is getting in a few of your own Zzz's, but take the time while baby is peacefully sleeping to gently take his hand and clip his nails.

This is the time you'll want the baby nail clippers with the magnifying glass. I recommend clipping baby's nails during a morning nap when there is plenty of sunlight to help light up the room if needed. You don't want to wake baby with a slipped clip of the skin.

If you feel uncomfortable clipping baby's nails while she's sleeping, my second best recommendation is to clip baby's nails after bath time when it's very clear to see where the nail meets the nail bed. Swaddle baby in a cozy towel and use the soothing time to cut baby's nails.

You can even model the activity by cutting your own nails with baby after bath time.

More tips to cutting baby's nails

  • Cut straight across the nail.
  • Don't worry about cutting baby's toenails.

When do you cut your baby and kids' nails? Tell us below!

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