20 Free and Fun Things To Do with Baby this Summer

What's on your agenda with baby this summer? If you have a little one in the house you might be looking for fun things to do with baby to keep you all entertained and happy. Here are 20 free and fun things to do with baby this summer. We'd love to hear yours too!

20 Free and Fun Things To Do with Baby this Summer

  1. Bask at the beach - load up baby, lots of sun protection and a few sand tools (bucket, shovel and rake) to enjoy at your local beach, lake or surf side.
  2. Hit the books - find your local kids reading hour at the library or community center. Baby may be too young to understand the story, but will love an entertaining read if the library is putting her heart into it!
  3. Texturize - find a handful of different textures for baby to play with. Try an orange for the rough peel, a silk scarf, paper, the rug, a toothbrush, sponge and more.
  4. Picnic at the park - grab a blanket, sun hat and your lunches and take your meal on the road. Have fun telling baby about how you're setting up lunch. Read a board book about a picnic, animals, mealtime or food.
  5. Strike up the band - grab baby's instruments or make your own with pots, pans and wooden spoons to let baby make some noise and learn in the process.
  6. Stay in the shallow end - find your local wading pool and take baby out for a dip of the toes.
  7. Dance party - pump up the local kids bop station or Pandora's kids rock channel for a little dance party to get baby moving and grooving.
  8. Sing a song - download lyrics to some of your favorite songs, go outside and put on a little show for baby.
  9. Jump in the pool - take baby to the local pool and jump in together to play motor boat. Float baby on her tummy...motor boat, motor boat go so slow, motor boat, motor boat go so fast, motor boat, motor boat step on the GAS! Speed up every circle as you repeat the phrases for lots of water fun.
  10. Paddle on the lake - let baby experience the fun of floating in a boat. Find or borrow a blowup raft that you can wade out into shallow water and hold baby while she enjoys the lapping waves. 
  11. Make a fort - use blankets, pillows, ottomans and upholstered furniture - no hard edges - to make an indoor tent for baby.
12. Paint with petit Picasso - dip baby's hands and feet in all natural finger and foot paint and create a mural that's meaningful to you, your partner or grandma and         grandpa. Present this gift for a special occasion. Get fancy and attach a lightweight dowel and ribbon for easy and attractive hanging. Try this easy DIY finger paint recipe for home.
13. Parlez-vous Anglais? Introduce baby to easy words in a few new languages: try mom, dad, eat, milk, food, sleep, dog, airplane in French, Spanish, and more.
14. Take a bath - cool baby off in a temperate bath and let baby use some bath crayons to make her art. And cozy up when you're done in one of Satsuma Designs towels or bathrobes for kids.
15. Find a puppy - notice I didn't suggest GET a puppy. Find a friendly canine or feline on your street and make friends with it. If you know the owner, ask if you can have a little petting time.
16. Move it mama! - spend time just moving arms, legs, fingers, toes in rhythm. Use cross body exercises with baby - connect left hand to right toes and vice versa - to give baby's brain a workout.
17. Sign of the times - download a few common words in sign language to introduce baby to this great form of communication. Start with basic needs and move on to manners: Milk, eat, more, mom, dad, please, thank you.
18. Batter up - or pitcher anyway. Take baby outside on a blanket have her pitch you a few balls. Give her a soft ball to throw around and you use a little paddle to pop it back then switch sides.
19. Box it up - grab an old cardboard box to make an indoor space for baby to explore.
20. Slide around - use an old blanket or sheet to take baby on a tour of the yard or indoors too. Turn on a song and dance along as you describe what baby's viewing in your home. If it's close to nap time, turn on a lullabye and turn this fun into a naptime ritual to help baby wind down.

    What are you and baby getting up to this summer with friends and family? Do you have ideas for free and fun things to do with baby this summer? Share with us below. And check out our Pinterest board with hundreds of other ideas for fun with kiddos! 

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