11 Things to Ask for Help with When Baby Comes

If baby's on the way you're likely in the midst of the longest to-do list of your life. Perhaps second only to the wedding to-do list! To avoid being overwhelmed and exhausted, I wanted to share 11 Things to Ask for Help with When Baby Comes so you can put a few of those to-do items on hold and ask for help in advance of your precious delivery.

11 Things to Ask for Help with When Baby Comes

Meals - The classic new baby assist gift is classic because it's perfect. I remember a friend saying how thankful she was for our chicken enchillada casserole when her little lady arrived as she hadn't realized how necessary help with meals for the rest of the family would be. Here are some great freezer meals from Cooking Light that will stay fresh and taste great for fast meals. And check out our Pinterest board with hundreds of healthy and time saving recipes below.

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Childcare for older siblings - One of the best ways friends and family can help is by providing free childcare while you feed, bond or take a new baby on an outing. Giving older siblings one-on-one time with Grandma or a beloved friend can also help ease any feelings of jelousy with a younger child.

Grocery shopping - They may not pick up exactly the brand you would, but let friends and family do the leg work here and pick up a week's worth of groceries. Write out a list and include brand names and size as you like for all your favorite foods. Remember to load up on protein and liquids to nourish your post-pregnancy body and if you're nursing to replenish nutrients. For fun, use one of these printable grocery shopping list templates to make this errand fool proof for Grandma! 

Laundry - Set your rules for color sorting and water temperature and don't be a stickler for folding. Let your friends take on this task as life with new baby will generate a LOT of dirty laundry. Consider our top tips for making baby laundry a breeze and pick up our tray style wash bag to make sorting and folding bitty baby things easy.

Errands - Make a list and let friends and family experience your weekly errands run. Add dry cleaning pick up, dog food supply run, pharmacy and new baby photo development pick up to your list and include locations with addresses for Grandma's GPS system.

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Excercise Buddy - grab a friend who offers to go for a walk or do a stretching or yoga session to help motivate you to get moving and feeling great. You could schedule a few times per week when baby's napping in the morning and have a friend meet at the house or take baby in the stroller and hit the trail with your pal. Either way, you're out moving and getting your body feeling good.

Short-term childcare - If you're leery about leaving baby with a sitter (even a trusted friend of family member) don't ignore those feelings, but do consider a quick 45 minute or 1 hour childcare session when you know baby will be napping. Take that time to get a manicure or pedicure at the local hot spot, hit a coffee shop for a cup of joe or tea or visit the bookstore or library to get the hottest read to chat about with your friends. MOM NOTE: Maintaining ties with friends through book clubs, etc. is a great way to bridge that new gap of friends with kids and friends without kids. Acknowledge the difference and ride the wave, nurturing the relationships that matter most and letting go when necessary.

House cleaning - If you don't already have a bucket of cleaning supplies complete with rubber gloves under the sink, now's the time to gather a few cleaning items to hand over to a clean-freak friend and ask her to go to it! Put bathroom and floors on the top of her list and provide all the tools to make the house shine. Remember that a new baby can be sensitive to fragrances and chemicals so opt for all natural cleaning solutions. Try our DIY natural cleaning suggestions in this post.

Yard work - A little yard care can go a long way to feeling like your house is in order when you're driving home from the hospital or one of baby's first doctor appointments. Let friends and family add a little curb appeal when they mow the lawn, prune, weed a few of the flower beds, water and add a new layer of mulch.

Dog walking and animal care - If your pet is up for the dog park, have a friend let her go run wild and enjoy a free day of play.

What's missing from this list of 11 Things to Ask for Help with When Baby Comes? Share your ideas below - thanks!

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