5 Easy Air Conditioning Hacks to Keep your Family (and Pregnant Mom!) Comfortable This Summer

If you're pregnant or have a family of little ones you may be suffering from the dog days of summer with current temperatures in the all time highs. Our here in the Pacific Northwest we have broken even the oldest high temperature records set decades ago. To ease the heat here are 5 easy air conditioning hacks to keep your family (and pregnant Mom!) comfortable this summer.

Short of investing in a portable air conditioner, which some situations may demand, I've pulled together a list of hot hacks to keep the family cool this summer.

5 Easy Air Conditioning Hacks to Keep your Family (and Pregnant Mom!) Comfortable This Summer

1. Build your own air conditioner by using a box fan and 2 jelly pans full of ice. Place one jelly pan full of ice in front of the fan and one behind so that the fan pulls cool air off the ice and blows ice out into the room. Please be sure to keep the fan cord away from the ice and ice away from children - choking hazard.

Also try this great DIY air conditioner tutorial using a portable cooler, fan and some party ice I found at Country Living.

2. For a portable AC hack, fill a spray bottle with ice water and a dash of citrus essential oil for a scented spritz when you need it.

3. Refrigerate and freeze socks, slippers, even undies to put on to refresh. We recommend dipping our super soft Terry Turban hair drying towel in cool water and wearing it around until it air dries. Plan to change clothes at least once a day to stay refreshed. Change undies too!

4. Get out the sewing machine or iron and no sew adhesive to make a neck cooler for everyone in the family. Make a few for the neighbors too! 

Check out this great Neck Chiller tutorial on Pinterest


5. And when you've been cooped up too long inside using our AC hacks, turn on the sprinkler and run through with your clothes on. Let yourself air dry and do it again. The kids will love this one!

BONUS: fully wet hair and enjoy!


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