Washcloth Candy Favors

Do you have a baby shower, ladies lunch or any other gathering on the horizon? These washcloth candy favors are the perfect way to say welcome and thank you for coming! I love turning my Satsuma Designs into unique party goodies.

I've spent a fair bit of time on packaging design and over and over again I come back to hand crafted pieces that show friends and family an extra bit of love through crafting. Turn these washcloth candy favors into your next, 'I love you!'

These washcloth candy favors are the perfect baby gift topper too. I love to have fun displaying these in either a bouquet or in single bud vases. You could also present these in a cute basket for table decor.

I really like these washcloth candy favors for summer parties. The soft satin pastel ribbon is easy to work with and so pretty for gifting either for the guest of honor or guests!

Washcloth Candy Favors Materials

  • Satsuma Designs terrycloth washcloth
  • Ribbon - I used narrow 1/4" wide satin ribbon so that I could tie off my cellophane nicely
  • Cellophane
  • Scissors
  • Dowels - you could also use cute pencils or pens that match your ribbon color if you don't want to use dowels
  • Silver acrylic paint to paint your dowels. Of course, you can use whatever color paint suits you for these and coordinates with your event palette.
  • Clear tape

Here's how to make your Washcloth Candy Favors

Start by folding your washcloth on the diagonal so you have the longest amount of cloth to roll up with your ribbon.

Next lay a ribbon that is about 4-5" longer than the length of your washcloth on top of the cloth.

Roll your washcloth up and over the ribbon so you create the swirl effect with the colored ribbon.

When you're out of washcloth, keep wrapping the ribbon around the cloth until you're out of ribbon. 

Affix a small piece of tape to the end of your ribbon to secure.

Wrap your cellophane over and around your washcloth and tie off with your other piece(s) of ribbon.

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washcloth candy favors


washcloth candy favors


washcloth candy favors


washcloth candy favors


washcloth candy favors


washcloth candy favors


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