8 Lucky DIY Gifts to Ring in Chinese New Year

8 Lucky DIY Gifts to Ring in Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year, is an annual celebration ushering in springtime and a time to honor family and ancestors. The beginning of the holiday season coincides with the date of the new moon.

The Chinese New Year and Spring Festival is observed until the 15th day of the new year.

During these two weeks of celebrations, families and friends honor each other with gifts and good luck wishes.

8 lucky diy gifts for chinese new year

There are so many beautiful ways to honor this Chinese tradition and incorporate the sentiments of the Lunar New Year into your own family, whether or not you grew up with these traditions. It's so fulfilling to learn about new cultures and then share these gifts with our kids.

I've shared some fun crafts, gift ideas and recipes to try out as you celebrate the auspicious new year with your family. Wishing you much luck, good health and good fortune in the new year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! May Prosperity Be With You!

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DIY Chinese New Year Satsuma Wreath

Here's inspiration for a great front door or interior wreath to celebrate Chinese New Year. This would make a beautiful gift too!

diy satsuma wreath for chinese new year

source Style Me Pretty

Satsuma Mandarin Champagne Cocktail

Here's a bubbly way to celebrate Chinese New Year in style! Offer this sweet and fresh satsuma mandarin champagne cocktail when guests arrive at your Chinese New Year party.

satsuma mandarin champagne cocktail

Source Martha Stewart

DIY Felt Fortune Cookies 

Bright red is the color of good fortune in Chinese culture, which is why you'll find red at every Chinese New Year celebration. Offer these gifts with good fortunes in this auspicious red when you gift your felt fortune cookies to young and old.

diy felt fortune cookies


Satsuma Mandarin Fruit Basket

This super fresh and sweet way to wish good fortune is inexpensive and healthy! Pile satsuma oranges in a basket that you top with a wish of good health and happiness. The good health is guaranteed with this gift!

Source Sheek Shindigs


Chinese New Year Red Envelope Printable

Gift the traditional gift of a red envelope with a dollar bill or gold coin enclosed. Emboss this printable with glitter for an extra special touch to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Download this free template to make your own Chinese New Year Red Envelope 

Source DIY + FYI 

DIY Chinese New Year Drum

Join the band and make a set of these festive drums to ring in the year of the rooster for Chinese New Year. Use recycled dairy tubs for your musical drums!

Chinese New Year Drum

Source Et Speaks from Home 

DIY Orange Macaron Tree 

Celebrate Chinese New Year with sweet treat the honors the traditional satsuma mandarin as token of good fortune and health. 

diy orange macaron tree for chinese new year

Source Lifestyle Asia

DIY Homemade Fortune Cookies

Grab your kitchen tools and try these homemade fortune cookies to celebrate Chinese New Year. The kids will love writing their own fortunes for one another and family to celebrate together!

homemade fortune cookie recipe to celebrate Chinese New Year

Source Lil Luna




diy gifts for chinese new year and Lunar new year


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