DIY Felt Pinwheel Gift Toppers

DIY Felt Pinwheel Gift Toppers

Here is a two-minute craft that is long on charm. Use these little diy felt pinwheel gift toppers this holiday and all through the year for any gift giving occasion.

I was so inspired by these felt pinwheels that Allison at Little Lovelies used in her felt pinwheels craft that I wanted to bring them into the Christmas season.

diy felt pinwheel gift toppers

I'm going to try these felt pinwheels as a garland for Satsuma Kids Shop this spring.

What a fun and festive way to celebrate with felt and pom poms all with a little glue!

More Ways to Creat Felt Pinwheel Gift Toppers

You could try any variation you like with this base felt pinwheel project.

Try adding jewels, buttons or felt flowers to the center of your pinwheel. Add a dowel and place in a potted plant.

Use cotton print fabric with a stiffener and two layers back to back to create some variation.

Or glue cotton print fabric to felt to give it the stiffness it needs to keep the points nice and straight.


diy felt pinwheel gift toppers


DIY Felt Pinwheel Gift Toppers Tutorial

The easy tutorial is included in photos below so you can get a quick start to these sweet felt pinwheels.

Start with a square piece of felt as shown in figure 1.

Next, from each corner point mark and cut to nearly the center point, leaving approximately 1/4" of felt in tact to keep the full square together.

Now with your glue gun heated up, fold the upper corner of one triangle down to the center and dab a bit of glue to secure.

Repeat this step three more times to complete.

When your pinwheel is set, add a sweet little pom pom to the center.

Have fun creating these felt pinwheels and adding rhinestones, found objects, bows and more fun to create your unique gift topper.





diy felt pinwheel gift toppers


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