Food Driving Box Helps This Holiday

Food Driving Box Helps This Holiday 

Seattle is a city that gives. We have a severe homeless problem in Seattle that many are trying to solve. It can feel frustrating and overwhelming to be part of a community in crisis. We seem to struggle to find answers.

One answer is action. Three years ago I started the Food Driving Box program to help make food insecurity in our community top of mind for more people. When people are aware they can't help but act. My neighbors and fellow Seattleites are a compassionate bunch and the Food Driving Box program has made a small impact.

This season I'm spending time getting the word out to invite residents of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere to use the Food Driving Box program to remind ourselves to give.

Click through to see how to easily help your community this holiday season | Season to give | #Seattle #community #endhunger

Food Driving Box

Learn more about how easy it is to help our neighbors in need AND teach our children about how to help in big and little ways. Please visit the Food Driving Box website.

Food Bank Essentials

These food bank pantry staples are most needed throughout the year. Thank you for collecting and donating these items.

Please remember to choose pop-top cans to avoid the need for can openers.

  • canned fruit
  • canned chicken, tuna, and salmon
  • soups and stews
  • peanut or other nut butters (especially crunchy)
  • shelf stable milk and milk alternatives (rice, soy, hemp, etc)
  • cereal
  • cooking oil
  • baby formula and diapers (especially for older babies)

Please Spread the Word

Print your own Food Driving Box Holiday Help flier and help spread the word to support and stock Seattle's 27 food banks.

Flier File to Download and Print 


Click through to see how to easily help your community this holiday season | Season to give | #Seattle #community #endhunger

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